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Archive for October, 2000


I just farted. hurhurhurhur


I went on this church group thing last night. It was pretty cool. Hahha. we were like… army men…and we ran around looking for treasure. hah.


Cramps. No me gusta.


Kim esta TIRED. Kim no le gusta Key Club. Kim no le gusta WORK. Kim no le gusta MANUAL LABOR. Kim no le gusta SCHOOL. Kim no le gusta STUDYING.

Nick me manque.


Kim is tired. Kim hates Key Club. Kim hates work. Kim hates manual labor. Kim hates school. Kim hates studying. Kim misses Nick. :(




I love how I never do anything while I’m at school. Haha. Actually, I WAS doing something. I finished reading Acts I and II of Hamlet and I wrote an AP essay. I suppose I do do stuff. But yanno. Sometimes I just find time to write in here.

Actually. I do need the audience’s help. (If one exists). What do you think I should write about on my college essays? That my parents got divorced? (Interesting because a brother I never knew existed appeared on my door about a year ago)…. About my amazing Key Club antics? (Oh yes. Amazing.)… Perhaps I should talk about my entrepreneuring? (Yanno.. Mad bank)… Of course. I could talk about ALL of it… But.. Could I fit that in two pages? Sigh. I do not know.. HELP!

I’m horrible at writing.


find beauty in words

find the beauty in my soul

you cannot, can you

i am a lost cause

leave me now and dont turn back

love tastes bittersweet


pseudo intellect

thrive on the stupidity

of the ignorant

pseudo intellect

listening to it brings pain

just keep the mouth shut

pseudo intellect

that which i am bugs me most

fake. i know i am.


Bittersweet emotion

Strange aftertaste

They say go go

Don’t let it waste

Reach him I cant

Touch him, I wish

To see his smile?

Simply devilish

Must have him soon

Now or never

I want him now

Yes. Forever

Hasty decisions

My heart can fool

Only me, not you

My feelings null

Sweet nothings, please

Today’s order

Strange whisperings

“I can’t afford her”

I don’t want it

Turn away now

Don’t make a scene

Don’t speak out loud

Never question

Just accept it


This heartbreak shit

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