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Archive for February, 2003

just for you!

I was watching a TV sitcom one time [I don’t remember which one], when the wife of the main character finds out that the engagement ring that he gave her years ago was actually bought for his ex-girlfriend when he thought he was going to ask her to marry him — but he didn’t and asked his current wife [WITH THAT SAME RING] instead! So it got me thinking…

Have you ever received a present that was ‘just for you’, but then you found out later that it wasn’t? There’s something about the thought of somebody actually going out and looking for the thing that would suit you perfectly that makes a gift even more special — most of the times gifts are great even if they’re not exactly what you wanted, just because you know the person you care about took the time to find it just for you.

Doesn’t it just totally suck when you find out that that the thought behind that gift wasn’t really for you, but for someone else? All the thought and love and care behind the act just disappears, i think, especially the specialness of the gift, and all that’s left is the physical gift, none of the happiness or love or care or specialness that came with it.

So wouldn’t it doubly suck when you didn’t get the gift in the first place, but you thought that a person was going to buy you a gift because you really wanted it? Say, it was discontinued or something. Because then all the thought and love and care and specialness of the act would be gone… and you didn’t even get the thing you wanted so bad in the first place.

Yeah, that would suck.