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Archive for April, 2003

Surprise!… and Beef!

Yesterday was a pretty busy day. Spent most of the morning raising money for March of Dimes : Walk America which i’m walkin’ in on sunday. :D Great stuff. I can’t wait!

Got back from class, hung out with Hong and Stephanie (circ-k) and played Super Smash Bros for a bit. Went to Larry’s surprise b-day party. Played SSBros there. ^_^* Its like a never-ending SSBros revolution! Fairly disappointed, didn’t see Larry truly pegged in the quach once on his birthday. Probably everybody’s gift to his balls. =D

Afterwards came John’s dinner pah-tee nicknamed “Loads of Beef”, 9.22 lbs of beef and 8 lbs of shrimp at our disposal. Mmmmm. Talk about being stuffed! =) Seemed like everybody and there mother [EXCEPT for a certain person who wouldn’t go because of VIDEO GAMES] was there partaking in the food extravaganza. =D Food, videogames, food, cards, food, talking, food…. What more could anyone want?

Note to Self:

Things that I want to implement as the 2003-2004 Convention/FTC chair in Circle K:

1. Add $3.00 spirit fee to FTC and convention for spirit items for everyone that aren’t super cheapy cheap.
2. Teach cheers at meetings.
3. Encourage people to submit skit ideas early.
4. Create a FTC committee and then a convention committee.
5. Throw a bottle at Larry’s Quach.

Working out!

I think this has to be the longest hiatus I’ve ever been on. I’ve attempted to return to this favourite activity of mine several times since the last post, but I haven’t been able to. I think it’s a lot like working out.

For the past 2 years I’ve been steadily gaining weight, and I knew I had to start working out, but I could not bring myself to keep doing it. It’s the same way with the blogging.

However, I started working out every other day recently with super-resolve to try to lose some weight (or just get fit) and with my resolve I’ve been able to keep it up! :D So I’m going to try the same thing with the blog.

Plus, I’ll try harder not to think that entries are useless just because they don’t have some thoughtful and inspirational idea. :D

New temp layout :P

Yeah yeah yeah, I suck. I’ll be back maybe.

New temp layout :P

Yeah yeah yeah, I suck. I’ll be back maybe.

New temp layout :P

Yeah yeah yeah, I suck. I’ll be back maybe.