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Archive for February, 2008

Tokidoki Jewelry

As ya’ll know, I love tokidoki stuff.. But I’ve never been able to bring myself to buy their jewelry, even though I think it’s way adorable! I’m just not a huge fan of spending money on costume jewelry.

Anyhow, that didn’t stop me from taking a hand at making my own tokidoki jewlery out of shrinkydink!!  If I do say so myself, they came out pretty darn cute! :)

Total cost: about $5.00
Materials: ink-jet shrinkydink, metal chain, metal hoops, clasps, bits of ribbon
Tools: Pliers, scissors, printer, adobe photoshop, google
Time: about 2 hours

Charm bracelet

Ribbon bracelet

View two

Ribbon bracelet 2



=] I can’t wait to find a situation in which i can wear these!!

Wedding stuff

In order to reduce the cost of the wedding, I’ve decided to make and arrange all the flowers for my wedding [with help, ofcourse!] … Anyhow, by calculations, in order to make 660[how much origami paper I bought] flowers, I need ato make about 3 a day until the wedding. So far in 4 days since I started, I’ve been able to make 150! Yay~

Additionally, I’ve begun prototyping ideas for flower arrangements for the wedding, starting with the bridesmaids flowers! Let me know what you think.

Alright! 150 down, only 600 more to go!!

Domo-Kun Scarf

Today’s thing-a-day:Â Domo-kun inspired scarf

And, in case you don’t know who domokun is, here’s a reference picture.

Tokidoki Collection part 2

I swear this is the last of it… =] I just felt like showing off some more. Also, once again, damn this camera phone! Wow. Apparently, I’ve spent over $1500 on tokidoki stuff. Amazing.

All my purses + wallet together in their glory. Wow! They take up a lot of space!

Here’s the one that was signed by the person who created tokidoki!

Postcard signed by Simone

My giant poster

Here’s me modeling one of my shirts — all over print [couldn’t find a picture of it online~]

My other tokidoki shirt

Cactus pups


Eyshadow compact

Tokidoki Collection part 1

Now that tokidoki and LeSportsac have ended their long and awesome run… I thought it was fair time for me to share with you guys my tokidoki for LeSportsac collection…. I’ll take a picture of everything eventually, but for now I’ll just use images I was able to find online…

Spring 2006
Ciao Ciao in original tokidoki print.

Summer 2006
Bambino in Playground print

Fall 2006
Denaro in Fumo

Winter 2006
Bambinone in Paradiso print

Winter 2006
Canguro in Inferno print

Spring 2007
Gioco in Pirata print

Late Spring 2007

Mamma Mia in Amore

Late Spring 2007
Stellina in Amore

Fall 2007
Dulce in Tutti

Fall 2007
Buon Viaggio in Transportato

Winter 2007

Bambinone in Vacanze

(shown, bambino in vacanze, but close enough! I couldn’t find baminone in this pattern :()

What a great run… I’m kind of bummed that I don’t have anything from the Summer 2007 season, though! I totally thought that Amore was a part of that season, but apparently they were separate! :(T

My desk at work

Excuse the bad quality of my recent line of pictures, since my camera’s broken, all I have access to is my cell phone camera. :)

Anyhow, here’s a picture of part of my desk at work. :)Â These guys make my day brighter every day.

Left to right [back row]:Â Â
Painted christmas munny from Secret Santa 2007 from Allen
My first munny
A crocheted goomba from Brent
Ichigo munny from Eric
Pullip doll
Alarm clock [brookstone] with eyes on it from Stephanie

Left to right [front row]:
Giant Robo
2 felt kitties from a swap,
Tortellino [red cactus pup w/ soccer ball toy]
Malandrino [grey cactus pup w/ skull toy]
Bastardino [large green cactus pup]
Timidina [pink cactus pup w/ monkey toy]
Ciotolina [khaki cactus pup w/ water bowl toy]

Things I’ve bought to add to my collection, but keep forgetting to bring to work:
Moofia toy
Blythe doll

What’s on your desk at work?

Sticker Picture Frenzy

Here’s a secret: I’m obsessed with sticker pictures. I have a collection of over 100 sticker pic sets :) Not so much lately, because no one ever wants to do it anymore!! .. But here are some recent ones taken in the $10.00 type sticker booths.

Me and teh boyfriend.
Top left:Â The poop is too shiny!!!

San Francisco Trip
We’re just goofballs. :)

You can’t tell, but I was suffering from the flu here.


I constructed these counters using nothing more than the vague idea of having a wheel-type counter that could go up to 99 (without having a bunch of tiny numbers on one wheel). They were designed in Photoshop using a lot of printing, measuring, and cutting.

If there’s enough interest, perhaps I’ll post the pattern. :)

Materials: Heavy cardstock, two brads each, clear packing tape
Created with: Photoshop, Printer, Xacto knife, scissors

Engineering: about 3 hours [and lots of paper scraps :)]
Creation of each counter: about 15 minutes

–To date, I’ve made about 13-15 counters