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Haha… Nick caused a huge scene in my french class today. Haha! And he’s like… What.. 7 hours by car away? Seriously though! He pimped like 5 different girls in my class without being there.

I have one of those clear view binders and I stuck our pictures on the front of it, right? Like.. 5 girls who sit behind me in French class today violently waved me down. “OHH MY GOD.. WHOO IS THAT?!?! IS THAT A POP STAR OR SOMETHING??” hahah.. adn then I turned it over and showed the pix of me kissing him. HAHHA they’re like “AWW MAN!” ahhaha.. but yeah and then I had to tell them all about him… Everyone is like *SIGH* he’s soo perfect! I’m like damn.. I know sigh. Hahahaha … :P My friend says she wants to move to whereever he is.. I’m like nOOOo ahahahhahaha i got hecka jealous cuz like all the girls checking him out were hecka foine.. Not like he would ever meet them but yeah ahhaha :P


ODl et AMO: sorry nature calls

ODl et AMO: i found out i talked in my sleep again

im VERY ticklish: howa

im VERY ticklish: ahahha

im VERY ticklish: real?

ODl et AMO: uh huh

ODl et AMO: my roommate said

ODl et AMO: around 1 or 2

ODl et AMO: i shouted out

ODl et AMO: ‘that is so cool i like it.”



Alienation is a common theme among all people. Oh yeah! I’m hecka into Wei� KreuZ. :) I’ve been worshipping Koyasu Takehito for about four or five years now. :D



Haha.. My horoscope tells me to collect lovers. I have like… No one to collect? Haha! :


WAH! I haven’t had my Nick for today and I’m about to go to bed! YUCK!! YAAAAAY! he just signed on RIGHT as I was writing that!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH he is SOOO THE BESTEST!!


BoMbDiGGaLiCiOuS: i was just writing in my blog

BoMbDiGGaLiCiOuS: about how I hadn’t tlaked to you today

lytePinoy: hahah whats this sn?

lytePinoy: hahahah




BoMbDiGGaLiCiOuS: I didnt’ notice1

lytePinoy: oh

BoMbDiGGaLiCiOuS: :D

BoMbDiGGaLiCiOuS: MMM plus


lytePinoy: dude… errr… i wasnt gonne even come on… but i figured id see you and at least i could say good night

BoMbDiGGaLiCiOuS: ahha


BoMbDiGGaLiCiOuS: Really??

BoMbDiGGaLiCiOuS: I was just about to go to bed, too!


BoMbDiGGaLiCiOuS: good timing!

lytePinoy: The last message was not sent because you are over the rate limit. Please wait until sending is re-enabled and send the message again.

BoMbDiGGaLiCiOuS: good timing!… STUPID rate limit.. grr.. I type too fast.. :D But yeah! its just cuz im excited ! haha

lytePinoy: haha aight cool… cuz i gotz 50 more ICS pages to read

lytePinoy: hahah at least i got to catch you

BoMbDiGGaLiCiOuS: EWWW~!~!~!~!~!

BoMbDiGGaLiCiOuS: :-)

lytePinoy: yup

BoMbDiGGaLiCiOuS: Yeahh

BoMbDiGGaLiCiOuS: yAy

BoMbDiGGaLiCiOuS: Ok Well

BoMbDiGGaLiCiOuS: Dont think about me this time HAHAHA

BoMbDiGGaLiCiOuS: Think about the ICS

lytePinoy: yup the life i lead.. err… haha i will

BoMbDiGGaLiCiOuS: =D

lytePinoy: its hard not to

BoMbDiGGaLiCiOuS: :-)~

BoMbDiGGaLiCiOuS: hahahhaha

BoMbDiGGaLiCiOuS: Well

BoMbDiGGaLiCiOuS: Ok

BoMbDiGGaLiCiOuS: Thinka bout me sometimes


BoMbDiGGaLiCiOuS: =D

lytePinoy: its depressin i realized that i have to make a serious adjustment to my life

BoMbDiGGaLiCiOuS: But ony when you’re resting

lytePinoy: hahah but that aspect of it wont change :-)

BoMbDiGGaLiCiOuS: Aww~!~!~!

BoMbDiGGaLiCiOuS: ^_^**

BoMbDiGGaLiCiOuS: You’re such a sweet talker i swears

BoMbDiGGaLiCiOuS: ahhaha
BoMbDiGGaLiCiOuS: eeeee!! >blushsmileblush


Today in class a girl asked why the -8 wasn’t involved in finding the zeros in the equation: -8(x – 3)(x + 4)x = 0

I normally don’t write notes in my math class.. because the class is so incredibly stupid… hahaha … and because the people are such morons that it hurts to listen (example.. the first time i was there I had to explain to the guy next to me that you CANNOT find the midpoint of the circle by dividing the distance [diameter] into two. A midpoint is not a distance. it is a point. The point of a point is that it has no distance. Yes. He did not understand that. The third time I was in class, i had to explain that when there are 3 numbers, and 2 of them are negative… and you multiply them together… you do NOT get a negative number….)

Anyhow.. as you can see… My class *though supposedly honors* is full of morons.

This is what my friend saw me writing:

OMG… They are MORONS!! “How come the 8 has nothing to do with the equation”??!?!??!?!?!?!??!! HAHHAHAHAHA!! What the hell?!??!… Every day I go into class hoping that it was just one student that was being moronic. Every class period proves that yet another student is an idiot.

I hate night school. Can you blame me?


I’m glad it’s going back to just Percy… I lost interest in his blog after it became shared because… well.. It wasn’t Percy’s blog anymore! :P


The pinapple flavored lifesaver is by far the superior of the four flavors.


Dude.. I went to the post office with my friend today to fill in a change-of-address form, right? Well.. She needed to fill one in, not me.. But get this… The change of address form has to be MAILED to the post office. Haha! So like… We filled it in there.. And then had to stick it into their outgoing mail box.. Instead of just giving it to one of the people who work there.

I just love those postal workers. :)

Haha.. I actually do love the US postal service, BTW… Its the best thing since sliced bread.. or however that line goes. haha. :D I just thought that was kinda funny. Mark it down in history, peeps.


Ahhahaa.. Dear me… I’m SO CRAZY!

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