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Archive for June, 2001

Anime Overload

The human brain was only created to handle so much Anime in the span of 24 hours. Bad anime that is. You know, the kind where the animation gets worse as the series progresses because they run out of money. I think I’m going to be sick. Anyhow. Time to finish Vandread.

Found this on AA, what can’t they do. hahaha.. I wish this were MY logo. :drool:

Unexpected help

Today I went to the gas station for the second time in my life alone. I’m still not good at pulling up to things (especially in small places), so I was kinda far away from the pump. So then I’m like Okay, I’ll just stretch it to my car. It worked, but then it kept popping up and my arms weren’t strong enough to keep it down, so I kind of thought about it, looked around (heh) and promptly straddled the gas pump line to keep the pump from popping up.

Lucky for me, somebody saw my plight and came by to hold the line down for me a little bit. What a nice man!! I feel bad though, I never thanked him. :( I just went back to the people’s place, got my change, went back to my car and drove away. Awww. ^_^ People are nice, though!


This guy, Pei, writes exceptionally well for somebody who lives in a non-English speaking country. About 30 times better than most of the native English speakers I know. He’s not even in the ‘Language’ route in his school, he’s in the ‘All Science’ route. What is this? Sigh, Americans will be sorry one day, when our people are all idiots and some tiny Asian/European country decides to take over the world.

Journal vs. Weblog

Differences between a blog and a diary… And then something in between. A hybrid of what is going on outside, and inside. Some say that there is a definite difference between the two — And after reading about it, I agree. However, what about us – the second generation webloggers/journalists. Like children of the beautiful mating of the weblog and the journal… This has become a daily look at my insides and outsides. Of course, oftentimes, my life IS the internet… So the line becomes even fuzzier.

I say that it doesn’t matter much, to define whether or not you’re an online journal-writer or a web-logger as long as it suits your personality and allows you to express yourself, it’s fine. ^_^ Vive l’internet. I’m a mutt.

Reading material

“I am a single father. I am 23 years old. My son is 8. People have judged me. People have whispered. I couldn’t care less. I’m going down in flames, and I’m liking it. Love is just an illusion.”
It’s rare to find someone who’s background is as interesting as their site. Some people really have a talent with writing.

One of those people’s whos stories captivate. Sort of like “Short Program” the manga. Different stories with no connection to each other. It’s all about his life though. So I suppose the writing is somehow connected. But still. So interesting… It’s scary and rare to find someone who’s page you read all the way through. With this guy around, I won’t need to buy new novels. Wooot woot! Ahh.. My new favourite site (besides the people I know in person, that is). My Stupidities: “Pay the plumber what he wants” — This reminds me of every guy I know.

I notice myself reading blogs written by guys more than girls. Perhaps it’s because I enjoy the masculine writing style better. Maybe it’s because I see to much of the feminine style in my own writing. I can’t tell.


I like this girl’s bio. But I wonder what she really looks like. :( Picture too blurry for me to tell. No clicky clicky.

Michelle has flash site!

Redinque WOOOT WOOOT!! My hostees are so talented!! ;_; Makes me want to play with flash again.. I haven’t done it in soooOooo long!! Ahh… And I HAVE been saying that I’n bored of HTML… OMG I’m such a copy cat…. Hahahahaa… But nah for real! Check out Michelle’s site… It’s soooo super toiteness. (Annd Kawaii!)

So now it’s “girl”

“Girl” seems to be more popular than Naked… Almost

Searh queries
drunk girl naked pictures
manga && girl
short skirt pics
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pictures girls “diarrhea”
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high resolution pictures


You know, I don’t really find anything wrong with pornos… Except for maybe those pornos that are like S&M or rapish or something. =T Any time when people are getting hurt, it’s bad. But you know, porn w/ two lovingish people. I like it. ^_^;

After experiencing two types of porn, American and Japanese (Not Anime). I have come to the conclusion that I am not an American porn type person. Why? Well, let me outline the differences in the two porns.

American: Though this porno starred Asia Carrera and a bunch of other asian people, it was a classic american porno. There was the skanky music in the background. There was smoke. Random pillows thrown about the place. The men were all white too. It also had a plot, which freaked me out and made me confused. The moaning was reaaaaally extra loud on my speakers, but the talking parts I could barely hear. The men had really really ultra big penises. An then on the American porn, they zoomed in on the private parts and stayed on each scene for heecka long.

Japanese: First of all, the girls were waaaay cuter. There’s no plot, really, everybody pretty much gets down to business up in there. Hah! The Japanese porn I watched was lesbian, so there were no penises for me to worry about. There was no music! It was great… Plus the girls moaned more naturally. Instead of “OOOOOHHHH YEAHHH UHHHH UHHHH UHHHH FUUUCK ME” of the stereotypical porno star (which was how it was on the american porn) it was more of a quiet “ah ah ah ahhh” Which to me, seems much more natural. HEH. There’s also a mosaic over the private parts… Which I like, because it leaves more to the imagination.

So, there you are. This blog really IS what’s on my mind at any given moment.

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