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Now that’s what I call some smart monkeys. Haha. Somehow, I brought this subject up in Chemistry class. I think I can make anything fit into the conversation in there sometimes.


A story borrowed from an amazing Source: Le Profile de BooBoo

newspaper clipping:

Jul 18 2000

A truck driver was attacked Monday morning by a horde of baboons while traveling through a remote area in Saudi Arabia. According to the man, a week earlier he had gone through the same route, and had ran over and killed a baboon. Apparently, the rest of the tribe, infuriated over the death of their comrade, recognized and remembered the red truck that passes the area weekly. The baboons stayed in the area until the next week, when the truck driver again drove through his routine route. According to the man, a baboon shouted a command of attack, and the red truck was suddenly showered with rocks and pebbles of various sizes, thrown by others who had surrounded the area. The driver survived with minor cuts, but the truck is now inoperable. There are about 100,000 baboons in Saudi Arabia.



Yes, I cosplay. Is that bad? I don’t know… This year, I have finished a Faye Valentine costume (^^ Waii! She’s so kawaii!) and I also have a quasai-ranma suit… I just need to figure out how I’m going to get my hair like her. :T I think I’m going to have to get a wig somehow. EeeSh.. $$!! @_@…

The faye costume is so cute, though!! I have white almost kneehigh boots… They look more like Sailor moon boots than Faye’s boots than anything.. But Eh…Close enough! ^_^*.. I’m so excited!! I can’t wait for Fanime and SD Comic con!!

Narf. In case you didn’t know.. Faye Valentine is the girl on my page… And the costume that I’m talking about is the one in the black and white picture on the left. ^_^*


Teachers Picketing Outside

Ahh, what a refreshing scene in the early morn. During zero period, every teacher without a class was marching around outside with a picket sign, walking up and down, trying to get heard. Yes, this fight that has been going on since the beginning of the year is still not resolved. How annoying. I wish they would just strike already… But that’s not going to happen.

Today, they plan on leaving exactly at 2:10. Have you ever seen a teacher leave at the same time as the students? It’s going to be hella scary. We got a lot of it on camera. I hope everything just goes back to normal… and soon.

Interesting as this is, I enjoyed school more before all this came about..


Still thinking about the DeGuzeman thing

Last night, I was talking to my friend Allen… And I mentioned Al DeGuzeman to him, and he was like… “Oh yeah! Tell him Allen says WHASSAAP”… “You must have not seen the news” I said… Aish… When he found out how I “knew” Al DeGuzeman, he was so shocked.

Apparently DeGuzeman was really popular in high school… He wasn’t even an introverted type… What causes someone to change like that? Or think of something like that… Do they just begin like that inside and have different facades, or does something within them snap… Or what? I guess we’ll never know.

Gah. How confusing.


Only You

Oh I.. Need to know

Where we stand

Do we share that special thing called love?

I know I do… What about you?

I need you in my life..

Where do i go?

What do I do?

I can’t live without your love

THinking of you, makes me feel

Like I’m the only one for you.


I still can’t get it out of my mind

This vision of nick, and coconuts. AHHA


I hate it when

I have to go pee, and I’m sleepy and cold, sitting out here… But I have a really good buttgroove going on, and I don’t want to get up. =T.


I associate with these people?

kimtoxication: nick’s in a filipino dance

kimtoxication: i wonder if its the one w/ all the lil coconuts

kimtoxication: and they hit themselves

KeyClubbin Hyung: … You want his coconuts, don’t you?!?

kimtoxication: i want them i want them!!

KeyClubbin Hyung: You want his big, fuzzy, round coconuts, don’t you!?

kimtoxication: AhAHahaha

kimtoxication: Yeah i do

kimtoxication: ahhaa

KeyClubbin Hyung: You want their… umm… milky juices, don’t you!?

KeyClubbin Hyung: Wait, thats gross…

kimtoxication: 0.0

kimtoxication: wow


Nick is in a filipino dance

^_^* What i wouldn’t pay to see that! I wonder if he’s doing the one with all the little coconuts and they slap themselves. That is the super-cute one.^_^* Hehehe! I love it when the lil filipino boys do that! Or maybe they’re doing the stick one where they all run around and hit each other hehe. That’s super cuteness.

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