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Archive for July, 2001

What if..

If I wrote the same things in my paper journal as I did in my blog, I think my paper journal would kick my ass. Badly. ^_^* Aww, it’s such a vixen.

Currently awaiting

Rather risque photos of certain persons during their drunk stage. Ho ho ho. I can’t wait.

The one drawback…

Of eating tons of pasta and potatos is that starch + dairy gives me the WORST case of gas. I don’t know what it is, but when those two combine in my stomach my stomach becomes an atomic bomb generator. >_


I notice many people I know in real life [pre-blog] don’t like to read my blog. I think it’s partially because it’s too much for them. Too much of me from the inside. Too much of the real random me. It’s not that I’m much different. It’s that I reveal more here than I ever would in real life. Angst actually shows here, whereas in real life I actually take pains to hide it.

Maybe I shouldn’t hide it. But then they would probably read this and ask me about it. Probably better the way it is.

How much are YOU worth?

I am worth exactly: $2,007,116.00.

Which is more than Percy and Katie. Teehee

I feel special. What about YOU?! How much are YOU worth?!

Something Deep and Profound

I wish I could bring myself to say something deep and profound. Something to make people think. But right now? I’m so happy in my life and just wanting to enjoy it… Sometimes it feels good not to have to think. Sometimes I think too much, and it takes me down into a downward spiral of dispair. That’s not good. Lately, though — I haven’t been thinking enough.

That, and the fact that I just bought a real, paper journal [why I switched to blog in the first place — cuz I ran out of room in all my journals], I feel the need to pen things instead. Typing is lovely, but nothing really satisfies me like penning something onto some cute stationery. :) Go Tarepanda Journal power!!

New Mens-Drooly-Center

It used to be Ground Control Boys..[pinoy]

And then it became The Lychee Boys…[taiwanese]

But now I’ve come back to my pinoyoholic tendancies and tracking the wherabouts of several Nest Dynasty Boys.

^_^; I’m such a nut.

Okay, how is it that Im a drunk girl?

Maybe it’s the “pinoyoholic”??? No…. WeEIRRRD SHIT~!!

Last 20 Searchengine Queries

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^_^ Grad pix!

This is my favorite pic! My two bestest buddies!

So yeah. Life’s been busy. That’s an understatement. With finals/summer school over for the summer, I’m going to have lots more spare time now though. In the morning. ^_^ Hey, that’s a good thing. That means I get to sleep and work on my brother’s webpage. [nagnagnag]. Wo0T. But yeah. Now my schedule is way better, checks it.

6:30 AM – Wake up
7:20 AM – Leave for class
11:00 AM – Get back
Sleep/Pee/Read/Go Online
1:00 PM – Get ready for work
1:30 PM – Leave
2:00 PM – Start work
10:00 – End Work
10:30 – Chill w/ jason ^^; [my day’s highlight!]

Wake up whenever
1:00 PM get ready for work
10:00 End work
10:30 Chill w/ Jason ^^ [ Still my day’s highlight!]


Thanks to

Trens: WOOT… Another 408er

Tay Tay: :D whoa! She called me hardcore and a digital picasso! WOoT! I feel soooo honored.

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