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GoD, HELL no… HELL fucking no.. this sucks.. Somebody has been using MY pictures with THEIR identity on… And her name is “asian girl” ??!! WHAT THE FUCK.. SO not funny.



Kha’s a moron….

DarkenedAura: cuz everything i felt was sincere

DarkenedAura: but everything she did

DarkenedAura: wasn’t

DarkenedAura: it was cuz i “back her into a corner”

im very ticklish: what do you mean?

DarkenedAura: and “layed guilt trips”

im very ticklish: hmmm

im very ticklish: I can actually see that

im very ticklish: Didn’t you tell her

DarkenedAura: i dont know

im very ticklish: that you loved her more than life itself

im very ticklish: adn tat the only way she could her her

im very ticklish: hurt her

im very ticklish: was that if she said she didnt feel the same?

DarkenedAura: hurt me

im very ticklish: i mean yeah

DarkenedAura: yeah

im very ticklish: Ummm

im very ticklish: That IS laying a guilt trip and backing her into a c orner

DarkenedAura: hold up

Hahaha.. Okay.. is it just me, or is he being a moron right there?? GeeSh!! People need their room you know… Freaking idiot.



My new anthem… This and Digital Getdown yo.. HAHAHA

Artist: NEXT
Song: Cyber Sex
Album: Welcome II Nextasy

I want your PC uhhh
[welcome to nextasy]
I want your PC
[guys press 1, ladies press 2]
I want your PC
[your selection is 2]
[access granted]

I want your PC
Sit on my laptop
Push all my buttons
Baby, please don’t stop
(You can) Download all over me
Let me into your internet
Dial me up
It’s time for Cybersex

T-Low: It’s like 4 in the morning
Wake up like your hungry
But know your really horny
Really need you something
Look over at your PC
Start thinkin’ freaky
Know ya need me, power it up come see me cuz

I want your PC
Sit on my laptop
Push all my buttons
Baby, please don’t stop
(Download) Download all over me
Let me into your internet
Dial me up
It’s time for Cybersex

R.L: So you want me at ya house
Squeeze the mouse I’m comin’ out
This what you wanted now
Oh, technology, wow!
Anytime you need a fix
Just put in my hard disk
No viruses, no risk
Isn’t this the shit
I’m lovin’ it, cuz

I want your PC
Sit on my laptop
Push all my buttons
Baby, please don’t stop
(Don�t stop) Download all over me
Let me into your internet
Dial me up
It’s time for Cybersex

I want your PC
Sit on my laptop
Push all my buttons
Baby, please don’t stop
Download all over me
Let me into your internet
Dial me up
It’s time for Cybersex

Break: I know you fiend
For your computer screen
Want to do new things
Orgasmic dreams
Come work me on so
I can hit you off
Dial W-W-W next dot com
Come on

I want your PC
Sit on my laptop
Push all my buttons
Baby, please don’t stop
Download all over me
Let me into your internet
Dial me up
It’s time for Cybersex

RL ad-lib over chorus:
On my computer screen
We can do anything
Baby ohhh
Technologically, sexually
On my PC ohh

Gotta get on the net
Gotta get a piece of mine ohh

Dial me up
I wanna be inside you baby
Technologically, sexually
You and me on my PC
Sexually, technologially
You and me Cybersex
You and NEXT


Wanna know something strange? I don’t get mad anymore… Like.. I used to get mad and hecka wanna like kill people…. but now when i’m mad I just wanna fall asleep.. Isn’t that weird? I don’t know.. like when my boss yelled at me at Con, i would just get hella tired…heehee…

I’m bored… My finals are tomorrow and the day after… My friend Albert’s birthday is tomorrow, but I can’t go to his surprise party because it’s my finals day! Aish… all good though… I love that boy and he knows it.. :) Maybe I’ll make him a webpage or something.. :D He’d like that, rai?? Hopefully!! hehehehee.. That would be coooL.

Yay.. Okay.. Niall says he isn’t mad at me…That kidna brightens my day a little bit!! :D… YAY… You know what sucks though? I am like ms. perpetually happy… It kinda sucks?? I don’t know.. Whenever I’m not like WOoHhoOo people are like “Are you OK? are you sick? Do you need to lie down?” I’m like dude.. what if I just don’t feel like smiling?

Geez! My posts are hecka long to day.. ANyway.. yeah!! Arjel a guy that I met from Comic Con is going to call me tomorrow! Yay! Hehehe he’s so cool.. Hahaha.. He even mentioned me on his page! YAY me! I feel so famous!
Hahahah… anyhow yeah… I guess I’m going to jet now.. :P taking too much room. Leyts!


Another thing that kinda pissed me off was that like yeah.. At the youth ambassador’s conference thingie.. I got put in charge of the Kid’s Make and Take booth at the Youth Fair up in ehre you know.. And I’m like telling her about it and shiet and she doesn’t even have anything positive to say about it.. She’s just like “pshh Yeah, that’s going to make a great impact on humanity right there” and I’m like dude.. I don’t care yo.. it’s for the little kids… so she’s all “Yeah, i’m sure you’ll change their lives..” I’m like whatever dude… for that one moment, if I make a kid smile its worth all of the work, you know? but whatever… She used to be able to see it that way.. but I guess she can’t anymore…

I can’t really tell if it’s me that’s changed or her… I think I’ve always been an idealist… I love doing service just for the sake of doing service… and it’s so fun and stuffs you know.. I dont’ know.. But then, I like all the other stuff that comes with being part of a large organization like Key Club too! It’s part of the experience..

I’ve noticed, though that Carolyn isn’t really into the making new friends everywhere kind of thing.. but all good… No biggie i suppose.. We’re just getting really different. ^_^*


Wahh! I think Niall is angry at me… I mistakely ignored him today.. Oh wells… You know what? I found out that Lucky’s brother is the artist for one of the top 10 comics in the US right now WitchBlade apparently.. hehehehe… Alex was hecka angry when he found out. ^_^; WhooOps!!

Let’s see what else yeah… Carolyn and I are having problems… I dunno.. maybe i’m just having problems with her.. Eugh! I can’t stand her pessimistic attitude lately when it comes to community service. And like… Dude… Checks this.. I was just joking around and i was like “Yeah, I hope we get Jessica Weiss as our int’l trustee cuz i can be like.. yeahhh.. weiss kreuz baby”.. and she’s like “thats kinda shallow, isn’t it?” And its like.. well duh.. i was joking…

But then later on I asked her if she wanted to go to this hecka fun community service project where we get $100 to spend on a little kid for his clothes and stuff and its hecka cool cuz you wake up early in the morning and everything in the store is like on sale and stufF! Aish! :D it’s SOO FUN seriously… Cuz like yeah! the kid hecka looks up to you.. Last yaer I made my kid the pimp of them all! But yeah… Anyhow.. She’s like “Eugh.. Nah… My skin would melt”.. And I’m like.. excuse me? Its like.. she didnt want to go because she would have to walk there and apparently it would kill her skin? OK… riiiiight… Even though later she’s like “Yeah.. I’m going to be sunning in Catalina islands during that time anyway” I’m like.. whatever dude…

GRRR.. pessimistic attitudes!


Went to comic con… :) Back now~ YAY! Mucho thanks to Katie for blogging for me whilst I was gone… YAY the crackwhore e-mailed me!! This guy named Liquid Jel is talking to me! Hmm.. I met this guy named Lucky Cha.. Hope he e-mails me cuz I don’t remember where I put his e-mail.. ^_^* WhoOps

Cute short story: Lucky walked me out during my break (after he ‘browsed’ our store for about an hour or something) and like walked me outside hehehe.. and then I promptly fell asleep on a hard concrete bench… Well.. after I asked him if i could use his shirt to cover my face from the sun… and then I fell asleep.. hehehe… but then like yeah.. I had to go back in, you kno? and like then he helped me up… and like our hands just stayed there.. ^_^* It was cooL! cuz then like neither of us knew what to do and we were like “uhh..” … so finally we pulled away and I was like “Uhhh” hahaha and he’s like “uhh…” … “Ahem..”… “hmmm”… So finally (witty me) i bust out with “SooOOOOoOO How’s the weather?” (mind you, we were both outside…) and he’s like “uhh.. Hot.. ” AHHAHAHAHA anyhow yeah.. that’s my story! the end.. More to come when I think of it…


Kim isn’t here.. so Katie is taken oVeR!!! OoOOOoh… everyone be afraid!!

I just talked to Kim on the phone — she’s on the bus to daygo and like hahaha she had to sit next to a crackwhore for a while and he was talking about all the times he’d violated his probation and sucking robo and nyquil and other OTC miscellany. Wow. heh


Ho… damn… inspiration for a new madpimp. I’ll come out in a couple hours.


Hahaha.. I was surfing and I found a “FLoRiDa AzN PaHTeEee page… :) Thought you would like it Katie… BAHHAHAHAHA!! You asianpheliac you.

Measured myself again last night.. I am now 32-22-34.. MY ASS GREW~! Niall says it’s OK but I’m kinda embarrassed! I haven’t gained any weight.. I don’t know where the two inches came from :T

I applied for some jobs today.. Pissed off.. I dont think any will pay me more than 7.25/hr… MUTINY!!! I’m complaining to the manager!…. Anyway.. Yeah…

YAY! So excited!! :D Sandy Eggo soon!

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