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I had an oldies battle with my friend last night… and he won… Sigh… I feel so.. young.. and new founded. Grrr.


Katie is lovely. I think she’s one of the only people I can truly make fun of people with. Others just don’t understand our humour.


people think that this is a good poem:

Once I thought I was original,

But then I realized I took the thought,

Once I thought I was individual,

But individuality is not what I sought,

Once I thought friendship had meaning,

But even this is not what it seems,

Once I had many goals gleaming,

Now they seem like distant dreams,

All I have worked for seems a sham,

No body really gives a damn,

Except for you, my light,

Who came to me in the dark night,

Took away the cold, removed the blight,

Took away the dark, restored my sight,

I thank you for making me smile,

Letting me love you,

All this while,

I thank you with all my soul,

And I wait for the day I can have you for my own. :-)


I painted my nails clear today. THey’re kinda long now… I dont know whether or not to cut them . It feels funny when I type, and I make a lot of typos … but yeah.. Heh… I think it makes me look a little girlier. At least they’re not all jenky and scraggly. From all my typing they’re worn down to like a roundish flattish shape. HAHA wierd. I’ll take a picture of it.


Dah! Don’t you hate it when you think you’ve finished everything and you find out that you have another shitload of stuff todo? Grr.. I have an oral report and a goddamn test in French tomorrow. Maybe I should study. Nah.


Good day today. Aish. Dont feel like typing. Turned in UC Essay. Will be like neanderthal for the next week.


Nick = Toocute.

imv eryt ICKlISH (9:17:18 PM): Just get a 2 on that exam

imv eryt ICKlISH (9:17:29 PM): or i’ll kick your ass so hard you won’t knokw which way is up

lytePinoy (9:17:32 PM): ;-)

lytePinoy (9:18:01 PM): =-O

imv eryt ICKlISH (9:18:01 PM): ^_^ Ok im going to block you now until tuesday oK?

lytePinoy (9:18:06 PM): uh oh

imv eryt ICKlISH (9:18:12 PM): :P

lytePinoy (9:18:19 PM): NOoooooo

imv eryt ICKlISH (9:18:22 PM): Uh huh..

lytePinoy (9:18:28 PM): dont block me

lytePinoy (9:18:39 PM): cuz cuz what if i wanna say hi

imv eryt ICKlISH (9:18:43 PM): Oh … oh yeah

lytePinoy (9:18:47 PM): or sweet dreams

imv eryt ICKlISH (9:18:48 PM): =T well..

imv eryt ICKlISH (9:18:51 PM): well…

imv eryt ICKlISH (9:18:51 PM): OK


imv eryt ICKlISH (9:19:00 PM): Im just not going to takl to you right now

imv eryt ICKlISH (9:19:07 PM): =T

imv eryt ICKlISH (9:19:11 PM): Go study

imv eryt ICKlISH (9:19:23 PM): I have to work anyway

imv eryt ICKlISH (9:20:00 PM): >MuAh


=T My friend told me once that I’m the type who’s going to marry a distinguished looking asian guy with glasses and a part on the side. Pleaaaaase let that not be true!! >_


I have come. I have seen. I have conquered. Now I just need to do some work.


I am a master piano player. I have a humungous ass. I’m a volunteering capitalist. I’m an entrepreneuring princess. I’m a countless number of things.. But I will never become a college student.

How’s that for a college essay.

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