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Katie is so bravE!

Dang, Katie!… If I ever told my mom to kiss my ass… I’d probably be half way to Florida right now. Haha. o_O its like… whoa!!

Depressing stuff.

I hate to admit it, even to myself, but one of my biggest fears is being around depressed people. I have too easy a time being empathetic. . . And the more empathetic I am, the easier I am pulled into the sticky web of depression.

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WoOo new layout

Why doesn’t anything ever come out the way you see it in the ‘vision’ ?? It really sucks. I feel so.. inadequete… I mean, I can’t even express my visions with a COMPUTER… :T it should be so much easier than with pencil/paper and I cant’ even do it. BLEH

A picture of my feet

this was taken during the summer. And as I look back, I ask myself “WHY?!” WHYYYY. I have rather cute feet, though. Don’t you think? ^_~ Just kidding. It’s kind of blurry.

After discussing the differences. . .

Between the lychee and the longan (I adamently said that longan was the brown one that looked like dirty grapes), good ole’ jason went on a search for the fruit on the ‘net. Tropical Fruit Images: Longan.

Crackhead? I think YES!! ^_^ Haha, but he’s still a big cutie. =D

Weirdest thing..

I went to take a dump… and I THINK I accomplished my goal, but next thing I knew, I was sleeping, my mom was waking me up and I had an unexpected guest. I really, really, need to get out of this heat.

After careful consideration…

I’ve come to the conclusion that Nicholas Jay Busto Champion is the hottest guy to ever walk this earth. If only I had the hot skills that he had, I would be mad pimpin it. @_@

Pet Peeve

One of my biggest pet peeves is when someone signs my guestbook and doesn’t leave their contact info (Well, except for Katie, since I can tell when it’s her). It’s just so super fucking annoying!… How stupid is that, to flame, and not wait for the retort.

Ah wellz. I’ll answer to them here, by and by.

Penis posta!!!

Rip n Roll – Penis Pasta, pasta shaped like little penies… Quite possibly the most disgusting pasta ever created. HAHA… I really need to get myself a box. =D Yanno, just for kicks.

Ramen makes you sexy.

mudflyzero (10:12:55 PM): oh i feel ghetto. like this.
kimtoxication (10:13:03 PM): Oh nice
kimtoxication (10:13:04 PM): hahahah
kimtoxication (10:13:05 PM): its like
kimtoxication (10:13:07 PM): 3 colours
mudflyzero (10:13:11 PM): it’s a special kind of ghetto.
kimtoxication (10:13:16 PM): i’m in love
mudflyzero (10:13:45 PM): live a virgin… HEy! touched for the very first tiii iiime
mudflyzero (10:14:10 PM): for sure. it is time for me to go to bed before i get any weirder
mudflyzero (10:14:21 PM): night kim. eat your ramen. it keeps you sexy.
mudflyzero signed off at 10:14:25 PM.

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