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Note to self: Ask people for donations for Key Club


My horoscope for today

Focus on creating harmony with children and a mate or partner. Your careful words could be like salve on open wounds. Your family members may just want you to spend more time with them. In a romantic situation, you could create an ambience that may lead to a more committed relationship. Show your caring, compassion, and willingness to expose your feelings. Take the risk of putting yourself on the line.

… I don’t wanna… well i do.. but.. im too scared hahahah.


Wow.. Hehe… It’s almost time for English.. The dreaded class. Why did I not drop? We have to read a one page composition out loud today. I can’t write. AH! I got a letter from BOTH simpleton and Nick last night, though! :D Heehee.. :P Nick’s such a tease. ^_^ I love it. But yeah… Simpleton wants to pick me up at school one of these days. (WHOA!)… I think I’ll make him take me to fantasia or something… Mmmm Break’s here. I’m gonna jet. LEYTS


Hahhaa…what I go through to get a bag of chips at school… I havent been trampled that abd since like.. ever. :T They’re savages this year!!


Heheheh yay! Okay.. I’m at school right now and I have no 5th period. They really screwed up my schedual this year. :T But yeah! I guess it’s good cuz now I can check my mail from here. ^_^* YAAAY and blog, too… My friend and I pretty much have this computer to ourselves like this entire time. I’m very excited

Heheheh this guy from work, Michael (aka Simpleton) asked me to coffee! :P Too bad I don’t work there anymore and it’s too far for me to go. :T I wonder if he likes me enough to come here and take me out himself. Hahahha.. :P He’s 22, though. Is that too old? Haha.. Better than that hot 33 year old guy I met AHHAHAHAA!!… But… I don’t know.. :( I’m still ‘fatuated with that other guy… You know what sucks though.. Hahaha i went totally nutty last night and I think I scared him away… Maybe I should like stop talking to him for a little while? But then like.. haha… thats the sad part.. I DONT want to stop talking to him and sending him stuff.. But like..I think I send too much? ?_? I just have a lot of free (procrastinating) time…. What do you think, katie… ?

Boy troubles don’t end there… I told Arjel finally that I didn’t like him like that… And like yeah… Now all he says to me is “sigh”.. :T i guess its better if i come clean tho… Roy has a date! I’m happy for him.. ^_^ I dont think he likes me anymore… Which is good… for both of us.

I don’t know why, I guess it’s cuz school is starting again, but I’m starting to feel like… Really discouraged about this next school year. I think I’m in my negative mode of my PMS cycle though.. Hahaha.. I’ll probably feel fine in a few days… I don’t understand, though… I swing back and forth throught things so quickly… It’s hard for even me to tell what mood I’m in… :P At least I know what order they go in pretty much the same order. Hehee.

I need to start getting along with ppo… Its lunch and Im sitting here blogging. Hahaha.. I’m such a nerd.


I just remembered… I ran out of ink last week… I have a 30 page report to print out… Uh…oh…


Alalalalalala bamba


I THOUGHT I saw nick sign on Yahoo.. And became very excited and started to beat up my co-worker (Uhhh.. HAHAHyeah)… But… It could have not been him because I think I may have spelled it incorrectly. :P Boi? Boy? What is the difference. Heh. :P

I feel like ice cream.


Yeaaah… Now I’m at work hehehe.. I’ve answered half of one question of my last book report already! :P Now I’m taking a break from it and blogging. Yeuppp.. Heeh… Nate’s dad drove today and I dressed really scrubby.. well.. sorta.. this is my first time not in a dres.. and like.. EW my gross sweater.. I couldn’t find a nice sweater so I had to borrow a big one from my mom.. I look like one of those chicks from the 80’s. HAHAHA… Yeah but I’m wearing like capris or soemthing whatever thoooo It’ smy last day..HEHE anyway everyone seems real scrubby today so I dont feel alone.

AnyYyhowwww.. I’mma jet now… Soyeah..Leyts… Hmm HEHHEH.


Welp… getting ready for my last day of ‘work’… If you can really call it that. I’m going to totally miss Ashish and Nate and even a couple of the Mikes.. except for maybe like the Elf mike.. Heh heh heh.. :P I’m going to miss riding in an M3…. I’m going to miss those yummy connections… I’m going to really miss quake… But.. Most of all I’ll miss Ashish and Nate.. :T They’ve just been so awesome to me… They’re the ones who hooked me up with this internship in the first place and they’ve just *SIGH* put up with me so nicely.. I love em. I really do.

Wah.. im gonna cry!

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