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I really like this song.


(girl) : i’m sittin here thinkin’, reminiscin’ ,
on how, good … things used to be, now,
i remember that time when
you was right here by my side
i, can’t get you out of my mind
you just keep on makin’ me cry
baby lets give it one more try
before you say good bye
i’m spendin them sleepless nites
wishin that you were holdin’ me tight
cuz i still remember that night
when we got into that final fight
said that we was over and
we couldn’t make a damn thing go right
cuz you left me high and dry
and i just can’t help but wonder why

(guy) : sittin down drinkin’ gin and uh
thinkin’ all good cuz that day was coo
cuz i played joo and your homies too
but i rather it be me and you
don’t wanna break up don’t wanna be thru
but kick it and be with you
cuz i didn’t know what to do,
know what to do… (i didn’t know what to do)
everybody told me you and me,
we were really really meant to be
spendin and givin and luvin need
cuz you see just leavin me green…
(leavin’ me high, leavin me dry, wonderin why
i think i’m gonna die)

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