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Went to comic con… :) Back now~ YAY! Mucho thanks to Katie for blogging for me whilst I was gone… YAY the crackwhore e-mailed me!! This guy named Liquid Jel is talking to me! Hmm.. I met this guy named Lucky Cha.. Hope he e-mails me cuz I don’t remember where I put his e-mail.. ^_^* WhoOps

Cute short story: Lucky walked me out during my break (after he ‘browsed’ our store for about an hour or something) and like walked me outside hehehe.. and then I promptly fell asleep on a hard concrete bench… Well.. after I asked him if i could use his shirt to cover my face from the sun… and then I fell asleep.. hehehe… but then like yeah.. I had to go back in, you kno? and like then he helped me up… and like our hands just stayed there.. ^_^* It was cooL! cuz then like neither of us knew what to do and we were like “uhh..” … so finally we pulled away and I was like “Uhhh” hahaha and he’s like “uhh…” … “Ahem..”… “hmmm”… So finally (witty me) i bust out with “SooOOOOoOO How’s the weather?” (mind you, we were both outside…) and he’s like “uhh.. Hot.. ” AHHAHAHAHA anyhow yeah.. that’s my story! the end.. More to come when I think of it…

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