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You know, I don’t really find anything wrong with pornos… Except for maybe those pornos that are like S&M or rapish or something. =T Any time when people are getting hurt, it’s bad. But you know, porn w/ two lovingish people. I like it. ^_^;

After experiencing two types of porn, American and Japanese (Not Anime). I have come to the conclusion that I am not an American porn type person. Why? Well, let me outline the differences in the two porns.

American: Though this porno starred Asia Carrera and a bunch of other asian people, it was a classic american porno. There was the skanky music in the background. There was smoke. Random pillows thrown about the place. The men were all white too. It also had a plot, which freaked me out and made me confused. The moaning was reaaaaally extra loud on my speakers, but the talking parts I could barely hear. The men had really really ultra big penises. An then on the American porn, they zoomed in on the private parts and stayed on each scene for heecka long.

Japanese: First of all, the girls were waaaay cuter. There’s no plot, really, everybody pretty much gets down to business up in there. Hah! The Japanese porn I watched was lesbian, so there were no penises for me to worry about. There was no music! It was great… Plus the girls moaned more naturally. Instead of “OOOOOHHHH YEAHHH UHHHH UHHHH UHHHH FUUUCK ME” of the stereotypical porno star (which was how it was on the american porn) it was more of a quiet “ah ah ah ahhh” Which to me, seems much more natural. HEH. There’s also a mosaic over the private parts… Which I like, because it leaves more to the imagination.

So, there you are. This blog really IS what’s on my mind at any given moment.

Katie said,

June 28, 2001 @ 11:09 pm

Like I’m down with porn and all. But I don’t have a favorite porn star… Chris thinks that is messed up… I totally forgot his favorite porn star… and Collin’s too. Collin’s is of course some asian chick though.. damn if only I could remember her name…

I need a favorite pornstar… who should it be??

Kim said,

June 29, 2001 @ 7:17 am

We can make up our own favourite pornstar name… ^_^** I would do the thing that you put your middle name w/ your street name… But that doesn’t work for me. My street name is Christopher. Come on.

Moorsfield Starlet-Marie??? said,

June 29, 2001 @ 9:19 pm

What the fuck kind of porno name is that…

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