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Don’t you hate it when

Someone you consider a friend just TOTALLY pisses you off with their stupidity?! ARGH! He pisses me off!
he was like obsessed w/ my friend and they were going out… and then she broke up with him because of his mad insecurities and emotional instabilities (she didnt SAY that.. but yeh that’s what it was) so now he’s like making a huge deal about blahbalh
i cant get over it blah blah.

That wouldn’t be too bad… If what happened today didn’t happen. So like last night he asked me if the three of us could go out…a day out or something yanno? So
then i was like aiiet, what harm can it do? She was like aiiet as well. so then we go out
and he’s like sulking the whole time and it was HIS idea. and then hes like this was a bad idea i wanna go home take me home. i was like wtf it was your idea
at least make an effort to be decent to us.

so we go to the mall and he starts crying… On this bench. And I’m like I’m geting the fk out of here. And I leave my friend so she can takl to him in private. (As privately as you can on a bench in the middle of the mall anyhow). And then they come back and he’s like.. I’m going home. So we take him home..

And then later on I was like sow aht was up with that. I was just hella pissed because he was all tlaking about how he was depressed because she doesn’t seem as affected by the breakup as much as he is. I was like… well duh you fing idiot, she broke up with you, what kind of pompous jerk thinks that the persont hat breaks up with them is going to be heartbroken… Of course, i didnt SAY that… But I wanted to. i said obviously, since she broke ujp with you and he’s like that’s not fair you’re saying it didnt mean anything to her

I was like.. I’m not.. I’m asking why you think she should be as affected as you by this when she is the one that dumped you.. Of course this relationship meant something to her. Do you think she’s the type of girl who would go out with a guy if it didnt mean anthing? are you the kind of guy that falls for a girl like that?

She did care for you. She does, you just can’t see it because you’re too busy wallowing in your own self pity. I feel no sympathy, Sorry, but that’s the truth.

And then he said that I chewed him out unjustly and blocked me. Hnh

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