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Funny how I can cry

And not know why

I can want to die

And not know why

It’s the opposite of love

And yet I can’t let go

It’s the horrible deeds

And I just want to know

Why me why me

What did I do what could I have done better

I’m sorry I didn’t practice more

My fingers were too sore

To pound out another note

I’m sorry if the words I wrote

Weren’t enough to earn an A

But daddy why do you have to hit me that way?

I’m sorry that I’m so little
And that I get sick a lot

I didn’t mean to catch cold that day

But daddy why did you take my insurance away

And I couldn’t go to the hospital

Because we had no money to pay…

I’m sorry I didn’t pick to be born to you

What in the world can I do

But take my brother in

When he shows up at my door

Why did you have to push him away

Daddy, we’re your children, why do you treat us that way…

Ahaha. ode to daddy-o. I hate that guy.

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