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Yeaaah… Now I’m at work hehehe.. I’ve answered half of one question of my last book report already! :P Now I’m taking a break from it and blogging. Yeuppp.. Heeh… Nate’s dad drove today and I dressed really scrubby.. well.. sorta.. this is my first time not in a dres.. and like.. EW my gross sweater.. I couldn’t find a nice sweater so I had to borrow a big one from my mom.. I look like one of those chicks from the 80’s. HAHAHA… Yeah but I’m wearing like capris or soemthing whatever thoooo It’ smy last day..HEHE anyway everyone seems real scrubby today so I dont feel alone.

AnyYyhowwww.. I’mma jet now… Soyeah..Leyts… Hmm HEHHEH.

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