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Heheheh yay! Okay.. I’m at school right now and I have no 5th period. They really screwed up my schedual this year. :T But yeah! I guess it’s good cuz now I can check my mail from here. ^_^* YAAAY and blog, too… My friend and I pretty much have this computer to ourselves like this entire time. I’m very excited

Heheheh this guy from work, Michael (aka Simpleton) asked me to coffee! :P Too bad I don’t work there anymore and it’s too far for me to go. :T I wonder if he likes me enough to come here and take me out himself. Hahahha.. :P He’s 22, though. Is that too old? Haha.. Better than that hot 33 year old guy I met AHHAHAHAA!!… But… I don’t know.. :( I’m still ‘fatuated with that other guy… You know what sucks though.. Hahaha i went totally nutty last night and I think I scared him away… Maybe I should like stop talking to him for a little while? But then like.. haha… thats the sad part.. I DONT want to stop talking to him and sending him stuff.. But like..I think I send too much? ?_? I just have a lot of free (procrastinating) time…. What do you think, katie… ?

Boy troubles don’t end there… I told Arjel finally that I didn’t like him like that… And like yeah… Now all he says to me is “sigh”.. :T i guess its better if i come clean tho… Roy has a date! I’m happy for him.. ^_^ I dont think he likes me anymore… Which is good… for both of us.

I don’t know why, I guess it’s cuz school is starting again, but I’m starting to feel like… Really discouraged about this next school year. I think I’m in my negative mode of my PMS cycle though.. Hahaha.. I’ll probably feel fine in a few days… I don’t understand, though… I swing back and forth throught things so quickly… It’s hard for even me to tell what mood I’m in… :P At least I know what order they go in pretty much the same order. Hehee.

I need to start getting along with ppo… Its lunch and Im sitting here blogging. Hahaha.. I’m such a nerd.

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