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There are characteristics about other people that I dislike. Things I see in other people that I despise in myself. Sometimes, I try so hard to avoid being those things that I hate that I end up doing a 360 — becoming exactly what I hate in myself. What’s wrong with me?

No matter how hard I try to be who I want to be, I end up being who I am instead.

m0og0ogaipan said,

October 22, 2001 @ 5:28 pm

Turn that frown upside down, tommorrow is another day :\

waylan said,

October 22, 2001 @ 6:56 pm

and maybe thats the way it should be? perhaps it isn’t a BAD thing kimmy dear. i like you the way you are…

jyms said,

October 23, 2001 @ 1:09 pm

wait.. if you turn 360 aren’t you right back where you started? :) just wondering.. but yah.. glad we could have our talk yesterday.. hope you’re feeling better

kim said,

October 23, 2001 @ 1:17 pm

exactly. i become the thing within me that i dislike — the more i try to avoid it, the worse i become.

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