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old friendships and whatnots

Sometimes starting a new layout makes me feel as if I’m starting anew. It makes me feel as if all the crap of the past is going to wash away with the discarded pictures. Like I can let go of crap almost.

Lately I’ve been trying to keep in better contact with old friends and people that I used to talk to a while back. The people I talked to before I came to UCI and everything got wrapped up in this blur of life and life discoveries and all that bullshit.

It’s weird how with some people it can be like you never separated, and then with others it’s as if you’re complete strangers — I guess it all has to do with the chemistry between the two people. Unless of course some people always act as if they’d never separated and others always act as if they’re complete strangers with people they don’t talk to in a while.

I’m sure that’s the case for a rare few… but I think it depends more on the prior relationship and as I said earlier, the chemistry between the two people.


I had a dream the other day that I was stabbed in the back and was paralized from the mid-back down.

I don’t have a clue what it meant, but it was sure freaking scary. I dreamt about myself trying to lead a ‘normal’ life with only the use of my arms. It was so realistic when I woke up I had tears of relief and fear in my eyes. I don’t know if I would be able to handle any kind of handicap.

I can barely handle life as it is.

e-boy said,

July 13, 2002 @ 1:31 pm

what a lovely place this is. i’m SO coming back for a ride in the little boat. :) xx

kim said,

July 13, 2002 @ 1:38 pm

tee hee!! :D ..but when the house is rockin’ don’t come a knockin’!

(corny rhyme courtesy of my friend nick.)

e-boy said,

July 13, 2002 @ 2:19 pm

oh my lord, and i’ve just listened to the cheeseburger thing. i almost cried – that is like the sweetest, dumbest thing i ever heard…you’re a star! :D

get back on disappeared!


kim said,

July 13, 2002 @ 2:38 pm

^_____^; It’s the best love song ever written!… Sorry.. :( My internet keeps cutting out whenever I go on AIM.

James said,

July 13, 2002 @ 4:21 pm

hurray. i love me. ^_^;

kim said,

July 13, 2002 @ 8:47 pm

woohoo! it’s a whole party of self love!

Kitsune said,

July 13, 2002 @ 10:36 pm

DUDE – I love this new layout!!

My favorite is the lovers on the mountain!

kim said,

July 13, 2002 @ 10:40 pm

HEhee! I love the little hearts too. ^_^ they get it on, tho.

Kris said,

July 14, 2002 @ 4:47 am


my second thought: some small subtle noises will contribute a lot.

hehehehehe, I am such a child, I put the little lady’s dress over the guys head. :)

Kris said,

July 14, 2002 @ 4:50 am

Oh, and I thought it was navigation, tried clicking, but it isn’t… would be fun though.

katie said,

July 14, 2002 @ 11:12 am

dude… we never separated! i’m just never fucking around to prove that we’re still like that. i just got back from ohio. it was… uhhh.. interesting. i’m bored. nothing to do. weet.

gradient level said,

July 14, 2002 @ 4:19 pm


gradient level said,

July 14, 2002 @ 4:19 pm


Shmazzy said,

July 14, 2002 @ 4:41 pm

*giggles like a little girl* Oh, my. They’re rockin’ that boat!

ameer said,

July 14, 2002 @ 10:34 pm

i like the dancing forest, i’ve always wanted to hit up one of those…

miss you kim shady, never see you online anymore and i’m scared to call you so hit me up when you’re sitting idle.

Daydreamer said,

July 15, 2002 @ 3:21 am

love the new layout, its cute, yet not too cute, very cool, i like your web design ^_^ has good balance, keep up the great work, and smile, it makes everything looks better ;-)

Shmazzy said,

July 15, 2002 @ 4:12 am

Another thing. That growing tree disturbs me. It’s not some sort of phallic symbol is it? LOL Don’t answer that!

kim said,

July 15, 2002 @ 11:26 am

:X heh heh heh

Stephiebabi said,

July 15, 2002 @ 4:08 pm

Kim, thought i’d drop in on your site. i like it, but miss the goldfishy (btw, are they still alive?). believe it or not, but i’ve kept the turtles alive so far. anyway, hope life is getting better for you… and hope you found your pills =D

liltichan said,

July 15, 2002 @ 5:18 pm

just randomly passed by. Great layout=D

pariah said,

July 15, 2002 @ 9:14 pm

i am glad that you have rejoined the living kim. i missed your daily ramblings about life in general. ‘sob’
if you think that dream was weird, try having a dream where you get shot in the shoulder 3 times by a guy whos trying to kill you; while he’s wearing a chicken suit. you know, the ones with the feathers and the ridiculous head. that’s SCARY!
but i am glad to see you are back to your senses (for now). see you around.

kim said,

July 15, 2002 @ 9:19 pm

HAHA! what the hell… hahah.. what did he shoot you with? giant eggs?

james liu said,

July 16, 2002 @ 2:10 pm

ha, so you got a taste of how it feels huh? *laughs*

kim said,

July 16, 2002 @ 5:16 pm

Yeah. Being handicapped would suck. I think the thing I’m most afraid of yet am most closed to being is becoming blind.

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