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Ramen makes you sexy.

mudflyzero (10:12:55 PM): oh i feel ghetto. like this.
kimtoxication (10:13:03 PM): Oh nice
kimtoxication (10:13:04 PM): hahahah
kimtoxication (10:13:05 PM): its like
kimtoxication (10:13:07 PM): 3 colours
mudflyzero (10:13:11 PM): it’s a special kind of ghetto.
kimtoxication (10:13:16 PM): i’m in love
mudflyzero (10:13:45 PM): live a virgin… HEy! touched for the very first tiii iiime
mudflyzero (10:14:10 PM): for sure. it is time for me to go to bed before i get any weirder
mudflyzero (10:14:21 PM): night kim. eat your ramen. it keeps you sexy.
mudflyzero signed off at 10:14:25 PM.

jason said,

May 29, 2001 @ 3:27 pm

kim…ramen may make you sexay…but it has done nothing for me…maybe its because i always eat it with a lemon and hot sauce…(mchs style you know)…
that is all

Katie said,

May 29, 2001 @ 7:08 pm

lemon and hot sauce? *sigh* That’s like putting ketchup on fillet mignon.

Katie... again said,

May 29, 2001 @ 7:11 pm

Also… like… people reading this may think that portions of that convo clip have something to do with something we were talking about earlier. Trust me, it doesn’t. It was all random, baby.

jason said,

May 29, 2001 @ 9:56 pm

well the ramen i speak of is the maruchan chicken flavor not the plastic wrapped…the instant lunch…ramen doesnt taste the same without lemon and hot sauce…plus it clears up sinuses like nothing else…you oughtta try it but make sure you get some good ass mexican hot sauce…not like weak tabasco shiet…you know =)…that is all…

katie said,

May 29, 2001 @ 10:04 pm

no excuses. ramen is holy. actually, i once ate it with ketchup… i don’t like hot sauce anyway.

i always take those funny looking blue pills for my sinuses. that or i just let it all go until i find someone i don’t like and blow my nose on them.

i’m just a white kid who can’t get a tan. look, i wasn’t lazy this time and typed in my info. i kick ass.

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