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relgious zealots

After a rather engaging conversation with a religious zealot disguised as a fan of my site, I feel more and more aware that truth and reality is completely a part of an individual’s perception. I am also more aware that the concept of “universal truths” not being the same for anybody : and that the concept is difficult for some people to understand.

Especially somebody devoutly religious.

It’s not suprising, I suppose, for if my view were true to them, then the realities of their beliefs would seem almost void (though, the more I think about it, the more I can see how they could work together). Why is it so difficult for some to understand or at least accept that people don’t hold the same beliefs as them? Why is it so difficult for some to understand that because I view human perception as the basis of “truth”, I believe in everything yet nothing they say? — It is truth, yes, I don’t dispute it — but it’s truth for them, not for me. Why should I have to have the same truth as them to be considered “normal” ?

And then it’s sad to see that people feel the need to insult my views though I don’t oppose theirs. What justifies somebody to tell me that my views are “stupid” or that I’m “fucked up” simply because I don’t share their beliefs? I didn’t dispute their views (it’s their truth, who am I to dispute it?) — Why can’t people share the same consideration for my views as I do for theirs? How do day find it justifiable to tell me that my views are false simply because my views are untrue to them? It bothers me greatly.

Maybe I’m being too defensive, but I feel as if I was directly attacked (and wrongfully so). I need to refute. Sometimes I want to just cease talking to people that are this way (people that can’t accept that I think differently than them) becaues it annoys and saddens me so. Especially when I feel as if I’m being insulted for no reason. At the same time, if I did leave, I’d feel as if I’d be losing some kind of imaginary battle — as if I didn’t fully defend my views enough.

It’s one thing to tell me your views, I’ll respect them, but if my views are attacked then I will have to defend them.

It’s a double edged sword, it seems. Funny, some people think I’ve taken philosophy classes — I’ve even been asked if I was a philosophy major. I’ve done neither. This is just unstructured rambling of a person with thoughts that race far too quickly for the fingers to follow.

wanna?? said,

January 30, 2002 @ 5:40 pm

my religion, vulism, forbidden me to look at girls =o(

like……this one time…at jewish camp..i gave the lunch lady a nickle and asked her to give me extra pickle…and she was like ooohhh mmmmyyy GOD!!

yea, weird story huh??

okay webmaster lady, i love you…bai bai

Catherine said,

January 30, 2002 @ 5:44 pm

I’ve had some really bad experiences with Christian people. I can tell you some stories but you wouldn’t believe how fucked up some people are. Cults!

For the record, I don’t think you’re fucked up, at least from what I’ve read. I hope you realize it too.

TrickFred said,

January 30, 2002 @ 11:21 pm

All wisdom can be obtained from Star Wars:

"Many of the truths we cling to depend greatly on our point of view."

-Obi-Wan Kenobi

[yes, i’m a geek]

chill said,

January 31, 2002 @ 9:46 pm

read your views ..totally agreed with ya.. i honestly think it’s a double edge sword.. well, in addition to the things you’ve said.. i guess you have to understand that there are some people who would want to impose their religion onto others.. in a way, it’s a way to reassure themselves that they are in the one and true religion ..i honestly believe all religions are called cults except the one that you believe in … i feel that people should just respect each other and not impose others onto their own believe most importantly is to resepct each other religion

Marc said,

February 1, 2002 @ 3:24 am

Richard Dawkins has a great article on how religion can be characterized as a "mind virus."

Reading the section on "The infected mind" really makes you think alot about how you and the people around you may fall into his stereotypes.

ChrisT said,

February 1, 2002 @ 8:03 am

You have consideration for their views but they don’t have any consideration for yours. Well that’s because they don’t have the same view! Part of your view is that people should be considerate of others. Part of their view is that it is a universal truth that everybody can believe, that it can be understood from every perspective, if you would only listen to them you too can see the same truth from your perspective.
If you feel you have to "defend" yourself against an "attack" can you really claim you have consideration for their view? All they are doing is what they believe to be true, from their perspective.

Arichi said,

February 1, 2002 @ 1:44 pm


More or less been said before, but changing the topic is excellent. When approached in person, change the topic to something and they’ll leave… JFK jokes work nicely here, as does anything to do with Cthulhu.

sonicat said,

February 1, 2002 @ 2:25 pm

Consideration of views has nothing to do with whether or not you want to believe it. When we consider the zealot freak’s view… we do just that. "There may be some universal truth." But then, we say "no." End of story, end of consideration.

Then the attack begins. "Why are you so ignorant. Why wont you give GaWD, YOUR FATHER AND SayyyvIORRRR, a chance?! Why you gotta be a dick like that HUH?!"

That’s when I take their 5 pound paper weight and give them anal pleasure cuz you know that type of person enjoys it.

kim said,

February 1, 2002 @ 4:01 pm

To ChrisT – I don’t mind people expressing their views, and I don’t mind people having their own opinions, but what I do mind is when people push their opinions onto others. It’s their view and they can do whatever they want with it — and that’s how I want to be treated myself.

I DO consider their views, a lot of times I know more about religion than they do. I just don’t believe the same thing they believe. I’m not saying what they feel is wrong, just not for me.

The problem only arises when someone tells me that my own opinions are wrong for my own life.

grasshopper4jc said,

February 1, 2002 @ 5:19 pm

Consider this….do you have a problem with the "religious freak" or with God?

kim said,

February 1, 2002 @ 5:42 pm

I think the answer to that question is quite obvious: I have problems with the overzealous religious person — I have nothing against God : if I did, I would be ranting against religion.

I’m ranting about religious zealots who try to push their beliefs onto other people.

kim said,

February 1, 2002 @ 5:43 pm

Oh yeah, and I never called anybody a "religious freak", so technically you can’t use quotations on that.

Additionally, I never said anything about God in my post. I know people of other religions who are also very forceful with their views, and this is actually a lashing out towards all relgious zealots.

Incidentally, the person who accosted me happened to be Christian, but this rant is not limited towards people who follow Christian beliefs.

babysharka said,

February 2, 2002 @ 10:54 am

This is a conversation between two of my good friends.

(u interested in coming to a new fellowship??)
(nope, no religion for me. i’d like to keep from getting brainwashed and i want to keep the money i earn.)
(you dont’ have to pay)
(i dont believe in having one wife and not killing people)
(i want to excercise the option of coveting my neighbor’s wife. i’ll go only if they serve donuts and if there are cute girls for me to covet)

kim said,

February 2, 2002 @ 1:13 pm

:) Funny. I guess they’re both going to hell, then.

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