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At work right now and they’re laying carpet in the next room w/ the door open about 3 feet away from me. I feel really dizzish/high. I think it’s from the lack of oxygen.

Jesus said,

September 21, 2002 @ 3:40 am

I wish I was right next to a room where they were laying carpet down. It would have to be that hydroponic carpet tho…

Kris said,

September 21, 2002 @ 4:13 am

Complain to El Boss that you want to work and that it is being made difficult; he cannot discriminate against employees with breathing problems.

Solutions like, open windows and closed doors, moving to a different spot for a while or perhaps a day off..

Keeping silent means none of those and inevitably death by suffocation :P

Stella said,

September 21, 2002 @ 12:52 pm

Where do you work, pretty and high kim? =B

minnie said,

September 21, 2002 @ 10:12 pm

just breeeeathe.. =) hope u’re doing okeeeee now!!! take it easy girl..or try to at least.. =]

Jesus said,

September 22, 2002 @ 2:06 am

still wishing I was you at that moment

G said,

September 24, 2002 @ 1:55 am

Hey–it won’t kill ya–I’ve been doin it nearly everyday for about 11 years–kinda smells like money to me, now, if you know what I mean. Just stay away from those Outdoor glues–now they can seriously harm ya…but hey–I’m ok, right? Right?! Hello? hmm…
"Looks like I picked the wrong week to stop sniffin glue….sniffff!"–Airplane (my personal favorite line from the movie–I use it often, although sometimes the customers look at me a little strangely–Why is that?)

G said,

September 24, 2002 @ 2:17 am

…and it’s "wishing I were you" & "wish I were next to you", Jesus! It’s subjunctive. Sorry–that’s just a pet peev of mine–feel free to pick apart my (stupid floorcoverer’s) English. Oh, and when they are layin’ rug down next to you, chances are the hydro has been, is, and will again soon be in effect–trust me on that one. Simply ask, we’re (stereo)typically not stingy.

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