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Sunday November 21, 2004 at 03:09 pm

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A little bit of poetry

A little bit of nostalgia.
November.2000 I posted this [a little edited for flow]:
[original post]

Once I thought I was original,
But I soon realized I took the thought,
Once I thought I was individual,
But individuality is not what I sought,
Once I thought friendship had meaning,
But even this is not what it seems,
Once I had many goals gleaming,
Now they seem like distant dreams,
All I have worked for seems a sham,
No body really gives a damn,
Except for you, my light,
Who came to me in the dark night,
Took away the cold, removed the blight,
Took away the dark, restored my sight,
I thank you for making me smile,
The sweetest feeling I have ever known,
Let me love you silently while,
I wait for the day you become my own.

It was probably written for Nick.


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