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Sunday October 23, 2005 at 06:09 am

All Asians are Chinese!
A little bit, anyway

Okay, so in the past few entries I’ve mentioned a couple things: one is the meaning behind my buddhist name “Lien Kim” (golden lotus), and the word love in Japanese (ai) and the background behind the meaning of my username “shi” which means four and death IN JAPANESE.

It also happens to mean all those things in chinese.

And a lot of chinese people have been telling me that those things are Chinese. Someone even asked me if I was SURE that those were the meanings in Japanese.

Excuse me, chinese people, let’s get this straight: ALL ASIAN LANGUAGES HAVE CHINESE INFLUENCES.

Just like European languages have Latin influences, we ALL have similar words with similar meanings.

To me, telling me a word in Japanese or Vietnamese sounds like a Chinese word is pretty much the same as telling me some random word in English comes from a Latin root word.

Uh, yeah. I KNEW that already.

I mean… as much as I don’t like to be called Chinese just because I’m Asian, I know we were all a part of China at some point or another. Come on now. I’ll bet even Eskimo language has words that are similar to Chinese words.

Okay, so let’s say it now:

All Asians are Chinese.

All white people look the same.

All black people look the same.

All mexican people look the same.

All jewish people have big noses.

All middle eastern people look the same.

Saying that, take this test and tell me what you get:

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