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Thursday September 29, 2005 at 10:41 pm

I want to cut off 10 inches of my hair..
And donate it to locks of love. (whose site is made by 2advanced. I just fell in love with them more.)

only problem is that when I went into the haircut store the
other day, they said that if they were to do that, I would have to cut
it 10 inches from the shortest layer, which would make parts of my hair
REALLY short [read, almost as short as my bangs!]


As you can see here in my picture at the recent
party, my hair is pretty damn long. In fact, there are pieces of
it that are longer than the “Y” in the word “Family” on my shirt. It’s
getting to the point
where I can’t do anything with it besides let it hang our put it in a
ponytail. It just kind of … sits there.

So my question to you is… Should I…

Option A:

do it anyway! Who cares? It’s hair, it’ll grow out even though I’ll
look like GI Jane for a few months… Or something super short like

I know it’s a guy… But shit, that is some fucking hot ass hair right there.

Option B:

it like a man, and wait for another 3 months and get this hair cut,
which I’ve been dying to get since I started watching BLEACH:

Option C:

about 10 months [AX] with my shitty annoying long hair so that I can
fulfill my dream of the last 3 years of dressing up as these characters
and THEN cut my hair like the picture above:

Something I just finished getting all the pieces for. Of course,
I want to make her new costume too. She was so fucking hot in Advent
Children. AH! I can’t stand it.

mag06 ma36 _umi Honda_Tohru
:) Look guys! It’s another game of ‘guess them all’! :)

I’m kinda leaning towards Option C only because I don’t think
I’ll look that good with extra short hair… But at the same time it makes me
feel incredibly guilty since my hair can grow back — and I could
donate enough for someone’s entire head.

I’ve been freaking out about this for a little while, since I
really can’t have my hair this long for much longer or else I’m going
to go insane – yet I’m dead set on donating. It’d be a waste if I didn’t.

Only, my ideal hair-cut length right now would be about 5 inches off.

I feel like Jo from Little Women. I know it’s foolish to be so
attached to my hair… and yet, I don’t want to go back to short-haired
me… since it took about 3 years to grow out.

Pah. In the end, I reveal my little vanity after all.

What do you guys think? Fuckit and cut it? Wait for the rukia cut? or just stick it out another year?

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