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Tokidoki Collection part 2

I swear this is the last of it… =] I just felt like showing off some more. Also, once again, damn this camera phone! Wow. Apparently, I’ve spent over $1500 on tokidoki stuff. Amazing.

All my purses + wallet together in their glory. Wow! They take up a lot of space!

Here’s the one that was signed by the person who created tokidoki!

Postcard signed by Simone

My giant poster

Here’s me modeling one of my shirts — all over print [couldn’t find a picture of it online~]

My other tokidoki shirt

Cactus pups


Eyshadow compact

Dorien said,

March 27, 2008 @ 9:22 am

Wow, you really are a Tokidoki fan. I never ever heard of it before..
I love the Moofia thingy.

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