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Tuesday October 25, 2005 at 11:46 am

All Asians are Chinese!
A little bit, anyway

Okay, so in the past few entries I’ve mentioned a couple things: one is the meaning behind my buddhist name “Lien Kim” (golden lotus), and the word love in Japanese (ai) and the background behind the meaning of my username “shi” which means four and death IN JAPANESE.

It also happens to mean all those things in chinese.

And a lot of chinese people have been telling me that those things are Chinese. Someone even asked me if I was SURE that those were the meanings in Japanese.

Excuse me, chinese people, let’s get this straight: ALL ASIAN LANGUAGES HAVE CHINESE INFLUENCES.

Just like European languages have Latin influences, we ALL have similar words with similar meanings.

To me, telling me a word in Japanese or Vietnamese sounds like a Chinese word is pretty much the same as telling me some random word in English comes from a Latin root word.

Uh, yeah. I KNEW that already.

I mean… as much as I don’t like to be called Chinese just because I’m Asian, I know we were all a part of China at some point or another. Come on now. I’ll bet even Eskimo language has words that are similar to Chinese words.

Okay, so let’s say it now:

All Asians are Chinese.

All white people look the same.

All black people look the same.

All mexican people look the same.

All jewish people look the same.

All middle eastern people look the same.

Saying that, take this test and tell me what you get:

Chiznarles said,

October 25, 2005 @ 11:47 am


JulieVu said,

October 25, 2005 @ 11:48 am

but i’m NOT chinese

chrnobreak said,

October 25, 2005 @ 11:49 am

dude… what about tagalog and ilocano? that’s more spanish oriented *cough* if you ask me. o_O or maybe i’m not really sure.whatever.

kalamai said,

October 25, 2005 @ 11:52 am

lmao YUP they’re all the same. foolssssssssssss

Jennie_Nguyen said,

October 25, 2005 @ 11:53 am

yeah we all came from lucy anyway.

chrnobreak said,

October 25, 2005 @ 11:53 am

psssha! whatever you say. =P

xtenstarsonsticksx said,

October 25, 2005 @ 11:54 am

I got 8/18.The average is 7, barely got there.

xtenstarsonsticksx said,

October 25, 2005 @ 11:55 am

My friend is Korean, I got a few right because I guessed on similar looks.They all look different, yet the same. And I actually got some right because of that, I think.

john said,

October 25, 2005 @ 11:58 am

yah, that’s especially true for written characters in japanese, korean, vietnamese. not sure the impact on the spoken language – i think it’s much less, but i’m not positive.

franksabunch said,

October 25, 2005 @ 12:01 pm

Most are Chinese….the smarter ones became Taiwanese. ;-)

shaolinLFE said,

October 25, 2005 @ 12:01 pm

Xanga is chinese.

CaKaLusa said,

October 25, 2005 @ 12:03 pm

you gotta learn chinese.what the? John commented here? WOW!

davidngo said,

October 25, 2005 @ 12:10 pm

once again making wide-sweeping generalizations to get reactions.   i see your game you rogue…

loldavelol said,

October 25, 2005 @ 12:10 pm

hah touche! i was one of the people who commented that kim lien is chinese.  not because i think all asians look alike or influenced by chinese, it was more because i didn’t know vietnamese enough.
i personally really don’t care which ethnicity someone is.  don’t know if that’s ignorance or if that’s tolerance.

glorycato said,

October 25, 2005 @ 12:13 pm

That’s hilarious.  It does piss me off though when people think all Asians look alike.  My mom is Thai and it pisses her off when people think she is Filipino because in our town, everyone Asian is Filipino so all the white people think they all look the same.  I guess it depends on what you’re used to seeing.  If you don’t see diversity, you’ll never know. 
That was a cool quiz too by the way.  It also told me All Asians dress better than anyone else.  ha ha

WeirdAnnoyingPerson said,

October 25, 2005 @ 12:13 pm

haha, once this lady thought i was japanesethat was a first.most people are like “ching chong” or some retarded faux-chinese crap.

glorycato said,

October 25, 2005 @ 12:17 pm

And better looking.

TheMiddleWay said,

October 25, 2005 @ 12:18 pm

I concur ma’am!  Results of me taking the test was 4 out of 20.  I’m surprised, I thought i’d get at least 5 haha.  Personally, I don’t know what I look like.  My ethnicity is lao and 1/8th chinese.  I don’t look exactly chinese yet i’m not like the typical lao person, well..I don’t think I do at least.  :X

kawaiiyuja said,

October 25, 2005 @ 12:18 pm

I got 6 right… but I took this test before long time ago…
every time I take it, I get worse

njbadboybilly said,

October 25, 2005 @ 12:20 pm

4pretty pathetic. lol

bjtdevera said,

October 25, 2005 @ 12:29 pm

i got a 4.  stupid asians.

misstease said,

October 25, 2005 @ 12:34 pm

man im soooo good. i only missed freakin 3… boooyaaaahhhakasha RESPEKT

onestyle said,

October 25, 2005 @ 12:41 pm

Fast and The Furious 3 takes place in Tokyo (yet, its filmed in LA). So they casted “all asians” to play the part of the urban japanese youth. all look same!

joomee1 said,

October 25, 2005 @ 12:46 pm

i got a 9. but i admit, im pretty bad at recognizing differences. i think it was b/c i grew up in a not very diverse neighborhood as a kid =P

Spiritual_Reconciling said,

October 25, 2005 @ 12:46 pm


cloudedfuture said,

October 25, 2005 @ 12:47 pm

not all european languages have latin roots.
Finnish and Basque for example are totally unrelated to Latin languages.

zhaoyun1122 said,

October 25, 2005 @ 12:48 pm

I got exactly the average .. twice .. lol!

gooksantiger said,

October 25, 2005 @ 12:54 pm

korean, also, has a lot of similarity with japanese and especially chinese

katie_alexander said,

October 25, 2005 @ 12:58 pm

i don’t remember my score, but i did “bad.”

capitan911 said,

October 25, 2005 @ 1:00 pm

i got like 6 right on that test like 6 years ago.. my spanish friend got like 8 right.. go figure :-P

MsDezz said,

October 25, 2005 @ 1:01 pm

ick. 4. pathetic. all i could do was guess randomnly to be honest.

airina05 said,

October 25, 2005 @ 1:05 pm

10 – woot

aradne said,

October 25, 2005 @ 1:21 pm

No offense, but could you tell the difference between a Guatemalan or a Belizean?Or even the difference between an Aymaran and a Mexican? ;-) It’s just what you put your mind to trying to learn. I’m sorry that I can’t tell. I did very poorly on the test you linked.

Mr_Nish said,

October 25, 2005 @ 1:27 pm

I got a 9.

BurinB said,

October 25, 2005 @ 1:27 pm

siberians don’t look chinese :(indians don’t look chinese :(oh wait. are they even ASIAN? i always thought it was the same continent :Xmaybe it should’ve been clarified to “east asia”. russia is a huge ass part of asia, so.. i say CHINESE people don’t look asian. coz asia = mostly russia. and russians = white (colored). but population wise… that’s another story :Pit’s hard to tell if this post is sarcastic or serious. who knows!

lovepirate said,

October 25, 2005 @ 1:31 pm

EVERYBODY is Chinese on the inside….Your eyes may be round, but they slant when you sleep ;-)

sweety421 said,

October 25, 2005 @ 1:36 pm

I got only 2 right. :(

honey_babi_boo said,

October 25, 2005 @ 1:37 pm

bOo… i was aLL confident whiLe i was takin the test, but i ended up gettin an 8.

guitar___riffs said,

October 25, 2005 @ 1:39 pm

omg. 8/18. crazyyyyyyy

steadystate said,

October 25, 2005 @ 1:54 pm

everyone was conquered by china at some point.  there are afghanis who look chinese.  i was told by someone once that i, a full-blooded chinese, look like a khazak; in other words, some khazaks probably look somewhat chinese too.  praise genghis!
dood someone should put that on a t-shirt or something.

delilahmchaggis said,

October 25, 2005 @ 1:58 pm

9/18 50% isn’t too bad i guess. i mean i was definitely expecting to get less right.

Kill1ng__MexSoftly said,

October 25, 2005 @ 1:58 pm

6/18 oh boy..

seanscheng said,

October 25, 2005 @ 2:04 pm

I got a 15. I have uncanny skills at Asian-differentiasian.

seanscheng said,

October 25, 2005 @ 2:07 pm

BTW, the guy named BurinB who left a comment a few lines up is totally wrong. Plenty of Siberians have an Asian look due to intermingling between ethnic Russians and Chinese. Ask any Russian person you know and I guarantee he’ll have a grandparent that’s Chinese.
Recently, Putin wanted to put an end to Chinese men marrying off Russian wives. I’m not sure whether the law was passed or not, I’ll have to check. But it goes to show the extent of the mingling that’s going on in that part of the Asian continent.

DanceMiaDance said,

October 25, 2005 @ 2:30 pm

i got a 6….. :-[but they seriously don’t look anything alike!!! most of my friends are Korean, so i see a big difference between Chinese and Korean

AsnTrnRdErZ said,

October 25, 2005 @ 2:43 pm

i got a 4, they said im hopeless. lol

miS_diGnifieD said,

October 25, 2005 @ 2:59 pm

“once again making wide-sweeping generalizations to get reactions. i see your game you rogue…”…Did you even read her entry?

OTheMan said,

October 25, 2005 @ 3:12 pm

wow couldn’t have said it better mahself

aydongbeeleef said,

October 25, 2005 @ 3:14 pm

yo, that game is hella hard

SecksyRx3 said,

October 25, 2005 @ 3:26 pm


DBZmike said,

October 25, 2005 @ 3:58 pm

Im no chink.
-Learn Chinese-
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jamiemao said,

October 25, 2005 @ 4:01 pm

i got 12 out of 18 oh yeh i’m on fire.

mood_peace said,

October 25, 2005 @ 4:14 pm

thank god you’re an ICS major. you’d be a horrible history, anthropology, or linguistics major.did jacobson pwn you the first time around?

ziggy31791 said,

October 25, 2005 @ 4:18 pm

ah! i got a 7… and yeah.. i agree.. asians look different! i should know.. im asian. but most people i know that arent asian think that i look like all the other asians they know! ah owell..

amy_li said,

October 25, 2005 @ 4:20 pm

16! =D

ziggyzhang said,

October 25, 2005 @ 4:21 pm

wow… 5.and i thought i could tell the difference….but anyways.. its annoying as shit when someone things your korean or jap when ur actually chinese. for example, me. people always think that im jap or something.

mAnGLeDmiSTlEtoE said,

October 25, 2005 @ 4:41 pm

Heh….I’d rather not say my score. Let’s say it was substantially below what I underestimated.
Your statements reminded me of my logic class…

tHexDonStER said,

October 25, 2005 @ 5:09 pm

i got 11 out of 18 and it says i may have talent.

NoBackstreetboys said,

October 25, 2005 @ 5:10 pm

And its funny to think that there are people out there of asian descent who don’t believe their origins lie in china. Tsk Tsk.

jinnsdare said,

October 25, 2005 @ 5:11 pm

well…no need to get so excited…shi is actually how they spell it in Chinese PinYin for the Mandarin dialect…at least I learned something in Chinese 101. =D

crazynisa said,

October 25, 2005 @ 5:16 pm

i got a 9. apparently, i’m good at guessing.

Tsunaki36 said,

October 25, 2005 @ 5:22 pm

i have to say, i doubt many mexicans look like me, adding to why people never think i’m mexican

wndfallen said,

October 25, 2005 @ 5:37 pm

7. shrugs* i really cant tell. in real life, i thought a japanese guy was chinese.

Gulity_By_Association said,

October 25, 2005 @ 5:43 pm



Gulity_By_Association said,

October 25, 2005 @ 5:44 pm



snowy_court said,

October 25, 2005 @ 5:47 pm

i got 6. and the sad thing is i have at least one friend from each of those ethnicities.

juryduty said,

October 25, 2005 @ 6:04 pm

yea we’re all Chinese

lauren_ganda said,

October 25, 2005 @ 6:34 pm

good god, no. vietnamese does not sound like chinese.

Mr_Nish said,

October 25, 2005 @ 6:55 pm

Asia isn’t just oriental nations. It’s India, southwest Asia, aka the Middle East, and oriental countries.

dhdh49 said,

October 25, 2005 @ 7:23 pm

got a 9. guess asians do look alike.

Jung_Woo said,

October 25, 2005 @ 7:43 pm

are there different types of mexicans?

Ssweet_dreemzZ said,

October 25, 2005 @ 8:00 pm

I got a 5.
Several people have thought I was Mexican. I’m half white and half Japanese. >

skelestones said,

October 25, 2005 @ 8:01 pm

i got an 8…. I’m a blue eyed, white irish boy with a pretty korean girlfriend… and i love asian culture…so i probably notice more than the typical white person. I’ve also noticed before that you’re a goddess.

SupraS15 said,

October 25, 2005 @ 8:38 pm

Actually… I’m Chinese but everyone thinks I’m either Korean or Jap… =/

YellowChildPride said,

October 25, 2005 @ 8:42 pm

FYI, Korean and Chinese languare do not belong to the same language family!! Also not all language in Asia has Chinese influence. Korean and Japanese only adoped the writting system!! And Part of South East Asian are culturally influenced by Indian culture. =)

Kevin72 said,

October 25, 2005 @ 10:07 pm

I got an 8 …. about 4-5 of them I was actually sure of and was right, but most were indeterminate. I had that map two posts back if anyone wants to check that had most of Asia labeled ‘Chinese’, Africa and the Middle East labeled “poor people and terrorists”, and Europe plus Russia labeled “Gays and Commies”, etc.

savioursoul said,

October 25, 2005 @ 10:16 pm

i got a 10. people always think i’m korean when i’m actually filipino.

tracerhank said,

October 25, 2005 @ 10:21 pm

In other words… everyone is the same… no need for racial diversity anymore… :)

oceanographer said,

October 25, 2005 @ 10:23 pm

i got a 6. SHITE.

tutelage said,

October 26, 2005 @ 12:33 am

Language defines only a part of a culture, there are such other things that define a culture including music/dances, folk lore, food, clothing, ideals, belief and history.  Though european languages are influenced by Latin, it is also heavily influenced by Greek.
I’ve been called Chinese by a stranger because I’m Asian, it bothered me because the person is a presumptuous ignoramus.  The thing was… I am 100% friggin’ CHINESE, so I can’t say squat to the guy. 

rasputi said,

October 26, 2005 @ 12:45 am

6… i suck… maybe the problem is that i think most asians are japanese…. im not sure why…

Gieternity said,

October 26, 2005 @ 1:30 am

people think all chinese pplz look the same too!

jUs_mE7 said,

October 26, 2005 @ 1:31 am

im chinese n i got 2.. that’s pathetic .. haha oh well.

yupitssean said,

October 26, 2005 @ 3:59 am

you love to stir up controversy, don’t you?  i partially agree with you on this one.

Mz_Nevaeh said,

October 26, 2005 @ 4:20 am

I got 5 out of 20 : Hopeless lol
Not all black people to the same to me, but I do hear every black call every Aisan Chinese! lol  But it really offense me when a person says I look Japanese or even Korean, I’m damn 100% CHINESE!  I am no mixed Chick!!! 
Japan did steal Chinese characters and claim to be their own!  The fuck is wrong with them dumb ass!!!???   Not smart enough to come up with their own words???!!!  

VaNiLLa__RoSE said,

October 26, 2005 @ 4:27 am

lol got the average… lol

laydeexquisite__x said,

October 26, 2005 @ 4:37 am

i am filipino.but our language is influenced by the spaniards.gah, i hope we still are asians.i am way too embarassed to still only be called a filipino. why? talk to the pure filipinos. they drive me insane.

whonose said,

October 26, 2005 @ 5:22 am

Apparently I look Polish however…

timothyj said,

October 26, 2005 @ 6:09 am

10, i did “ok”. avg was 7

aLLOfdAtgOOdSTephNYC said,

October 26, 2005 @ 6:35 am

i’m chinese…  no, but really.  i am.  :-)

Chlo3Produktsyon said,

October 26, 2005 @ 7:17 am

I don’t look Filipino.. People thinks I’m Amerisian… but no.. I am pure filipina it is where I was born here… :d I agreed you in that topic..

swupak said,

October 26, 2005 @ 8:20 am

you might want to clarify “most east asian” when you say “all asian” languages.  like, tagalog, any austronesian language, any indo-european language, mongolian, hindi, which comprise at least 4/10s of the population of asia.  but, of course, with sweeping generalizations like those, you were being simplistic, no?  which is the same thing as shutting off your brain….

ExOtic_FlavOuR said,

October 26, 2005 @ 8:58 am

I agree with u about the influences of cultures on one another.. but i don’t agree with you on the fact that people in particular races all look the same! thats jst ur own assumption

Hers_and_His said,

October 26, 2005 @ 9:11 am

LOL…i agree, all asian cultures have chinese infuences, whether they like to admit it or not. at one point, all of japan and korea were all speaking and learning chinese anyways!

itscoolxxx said,

October 26, 2005 @ 9:44 am

I’m Filipino and part Spanish and even just yesterday a white guy asked me how to cook tofu cause he thought I was Chinese! And who’s to say all Chinese ppl know how to cook tofu anyway??

saltygirl said,

October 26, 2005 @ 10:02 am

[are there different types of mexicans?]
yes indeedy.  there are mexicans of native american descent, mexicans of european spanish descent, & mexicans of african descent (remember slave trading was all across the americas).
just like there are different types of AMERICANS (asian AMERICANS, african AMERICANS, & white folks.  hahahahahaha)

JonasApproved said,

October 26, 2005 @ 10:04 am

i think all east-asians are of chinese-mongolian origin.

vanessaO_o said,

October 26, 2005 @ 10:10 am

i got a 9…
people usually mistake me for filippino (i’m chinese) but there was this one time after an interview, the interviewer asked me if i was native-american indian. wth?!

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October 26, 2005 @ 10:52 am

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gechalx said,

October 26, 2005 @ 10:59 am

yes, we all look alike.. ahaha

DocsTechniq said,

October 26, 2005 @ 11:14 am

hey what about people from India? Or Russians? or Sri Lanka? or Bangladesh? and many more other asian countries? Are the Chineese too?

mariesmist said,

October 26, 2005 @ 11:24 am

not the point of your entry, but is a great website.  thanks.

GTP2005 said,

October 26, 2005 @ 11:24 am

I got 7 I am always average.

uniqueMOMO said,

October 26, 2005 @ 11:28 am

I got a 4/18.. gosh, I thought it would be easy to tell them apart, but I guess not. Usually I could tell them apart but its like they chose the hardest people for the test. >_

shygirl72 said,

October 26, 2005 @ 11:35 am

someone was talking about tagalog i’m pretty sure it was their own little language befor the spanish came then after that the native language and spanish kinda mixed and had more spanish in it =)   at least that what my teachers tell me >.

polly_cracker said,

October 26, 2005 @ 1:05 pm

i think all asians have influence frm alot of things but i would go out in the open and say we are all chinese…because we arent…i like being my ethnicity…some people jsut have no connection to any other ethnicity besides food and language, but the term “are” isnt a good thing but i do agree with u on the fact that we have influences frm them but thats cool i never really noticed that before..maybe i did but never put it into consideration

porcelaindollface said,

October 26, 2005 @ 1:29 pm


siKoashInChiK said,

October 26, 2005 @ 2:23 pm

actually.. vietnamese isn’t based off of chinese.. but yea..chinese is a basis of lotsa asian stuff…

Possesed_By_Pazoozoo said,

October 26, 2005 @ 3:59 pm

Wow I wish I had that many comments

arina_koneko said,

October 26, 2005 @ 4:00 pm

7/18, not bad I guess =P

ChopMeRICE said,

October 26, 2005 @ 4:46 pm

Hey, I’ve been having trouble getting that through some people’s head. I agree. It makes me laugh (in a good way) how you explained it. Nice!

xCollide said,

October 26, 2005 @ 4:49 pm

wow, i only got 3/18. how loser am i.

xX_RosaParks_xX said,

October 26, 2005 @ 5:46 pm


pinstripe_panties101 said,

October 26, 2005 @ 6:01 pm

well i got a 3-yeah i know im amazing
i would also like to say that your “everyone looks the same entry” was pretty much the most amazing thing ive ever read-my friends are all obsessed with asians-i think they know two-and theyre brothers (hey, we live in a little town in wisconsin) but thank you for your insight!

AuCoLah said,

October 26, 2005 @ 6:02 pm

Um….I’m just a silent fan of your site.  But…I’m sorry, yesterday, I was browsing through your old entries, and I came across this game:  I was wondering if you can tell me how to solve it.  It’s driving me insane! 
Oh, and I think the whole ethnicity thing is very true.  My mom tells me all the time.  Haha.

aliasfairy said,

October 26, 2005 @ 6:25 pm

    As long as everyone agrees that no one looks exactly alike (excepting identical twins and clones) no matter what race they are, then the whole ethnicity thing is rather pointless.

Lord_Vicious said,

October 26, 2005 @ 6:37 pm

11. for some reason I can tell koreans hands down

aural_sex said,

October 26, 2005 @ 7:03 pm

scored six. i suck.

xStef_N_R said,

October 26, 2005 @ 7:10 pm

I got a 4
Its sad because my best friend is chinese, and I have been to china. You think I would score better. lol
love your site by the way

maribou87 said,

October 26, 2005 @ 7:45 pm

I got a pretty good score– I only missed two. But I lived in Japan and stayed in Korea and Singapore. My aunt is Chinese and my boyfriend is Indonesian– so I pretty much have most of my asians covered.

murder_____waltz said,

October 26, 2005 @ 8:04 pm

rofl! i actually think most asians (excluding filipinos/thai/etc.) look really similar. why? it’s probably cuz i live in the most asian inhabited city in the u.s., so sooner or later, everyone starts to look the same. *shrugoh, and i got 5/18; i’m pretty sure that means i’m terrible or a disgrace to asians or something. :|

candiez said,

October 26, 2005 @ 8:27 pm

I got 7 out of 18 you’ve proven your point..

sweetea714 said,

October 26, 2005 @ 9:24 pm

wow i got 9.. lol..
the girls are harder to guess… kya..

DiZbOiLe3Lo said,

October 27, 2005 @ 12:11 am

I like how you think….holla back….

Kotobuki_Ran_chan said,

October 27, 2005 @ 2:02 am

Cool dude, cool.. That’s all i could say.. COOL…

EphemeralStyles said,

October 27, 2005 @ 2:24 am

i got a 7. very bad.but looking at my results, i can easily tell a japanese/korean person from a chinese person. just not a japanese person from a korean person and vice-versa.and yeah, i’m filipino. tagalog comes from spanish, it’s pretty easy to hear in the language.

KimChiBung said,

October 27, 2005 @ 7:49 am

Yes they do all have influences.. but that doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone is Chinese… they may be decendents.. but i mean it’s hard to split it down like that.. yeah.. gotta learn chinese.. that’s funny.. because my parents want to ship me off to china because since I am in business they told me Chinese is the way to go…

filipinagurl_2 said,

October 27, 2005 @ 11:35 am


FatalAce said,

October 27, 2005 @ 1:11 pm

Uh, yeah. I KNEW that

hoshikuzu said,

October 27, 2005 @ 2:20 pm

That quiz is horrible!  haha  I wonder who let people take their pictures… 

thebonehead said,

October 27, 2005 @ 3:42 pm

nice maxim magazine

gwenii said,

October 27, 2005 @ 11:48 pm

damn and i thought i was pretty good @ this.. i only got a 6.

jcesar17 said,

October 28, 2005 @ 7:11 am

I’m not Mexican but I look like one of them…Go Figure

jaguar_kally7 said,

October 28, 2005 @ 8:43 pm

It’s weird not seeing you on the Featured list. And I’ve just told you I have too much time on my hands.

jaguar_kally7 said,

October 28, 2005 @ 8:50 pm

People have asked me if I’m Chinese, Japanese, or Korean – which is annoying, because I’m Filipino.

BoA_rocks_4ever_jo said,

October 29, 2005 @ 7:42 am

Asians are not chinese. Chinese is Chinese. even though chinese culture did influence other countries, so what? what’s the big deal? As though we asians should thank china? Heck no.

souffpaw said,

October 29, 2005 @ 3:11 pm

hey kim.  this is anne… aka faye valentine. =)
glad i got to meet ya… i don’t remember much … but i still have your napkin and autograph  ;-)

phil_9_44 said,

October 29, 2005 @ 6:53 pm

While it is true the Chinese influenced many if not all Asian countries, the words do not mean the same in Chinese and Japanese (and etc) because of that influence; rather, they are the same because they use the same character.  The Chinese gave mostly all the Asian nations (hey, it rhymed!) the basic writing structure.  From there, it was adapted to fit the native’s needs.  Of course, the Chinese reading of characters and the Japanese readings are usually different.  They may also have different meanings. 
PS:  I got a four on that test…=_(
PPS:  Join the Asiavalon forum!  For all you Asia-philes!

phil_9_44 said,

October 29, 2005 @ 6:55 pm

Oh yeah. 
I highly doubt the Eskimo’s have a language that has some Chinese loan words.  They migrated over a bit early, in terms of China’s development, to borrow their words.  But yes, they are an Asian descent (I think).
Just my four eProps worth.

sherbellie said,

October 30, 2005 @ 2:43 am

KIM you haven’t written for AGES…i thought you did daily blogs.

CMDLL said,

October 30, 2005 @ 6:22 am

i hate roast beef pussy lips.change one letter and that takes on a whole different meaning.i read it have roast beef pussy.

xtenstarsonsticksx said,

October 30, 2005 @ 10:39 am

A bit overdue?

monkielove918 said,

October 30, 2005 @ 6:12 pm

hey…ure prolly not gonna read this comment but how do u know all these people who give u comments? i saw ure site at xanga spy

serena_x0x0 said,

October 30, 2005 @ 6:46 pm

LOL funny, I unfortunaly only got a 7/20 =/

aznbabi2010 said,

October 31, 2005 @ 2:46 am

hey, i just caught u on xtracker thingy, n i noticed the lotus u have down there. I got to the Linh Son Temple in Austin, n we have something like tht too. here’s our xanga, i’ve been in charge of it, but i’ve been a lil lazy and haven’t updated it in awhile >.

rice_and_noodles said,

October 31, 2005 @ 9:35 am

Maybe that’s why all Asians enjoy rice and noodles.

MeLaramie said,

October 31, 2005 @ 10:15 am

I seen your site becuase you were at the top of a “hot list” with over 30,000 hits. So much for my super 6,000. :)

Mister_Ha said,

October 31, 2005 @ 10:21 am

shi where are you?? no more updates???

oblivions_own said,

October 31, 2005 @ 6:06 pm

got an 11/18
…though it took me a while, and i guessed on half of them

lilrubberducki said,

November 3, 2005 @ 3:30 pm

cool i got 8/18

trizad said,

November 3, 2005 @ 9:01 pm

my average was 7… i think thats bad…
my report card said hopeless…

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