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Wednesday December 8, 2004 at 08:40 pm

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15 things

I know I’m supposed to be working… and I know that everyone was over this like, a month ago… But I want to write my anonymous messages. They suddenly started running through my head.

1000. I’ve never quite forgiven you for the wound you created in my heart. It’s been so long since we’ve talked… but sometimes I still hear your voice and remember how much fun we used to have just talking. I’m still in love with the person I thought you were… and I still am sad about the person you turned out to be. It disappoints me, how naive I was to your games.

0100. No one has been through as much with me as you have. You were by my side throughout all of the hardest, ugliest moments. I never thanked you for the night you laid by my side keeping me awake making sure I didn’t do more stupid things that would null my existence. You overlooked faults that you deemed unforgivable… and you’ve always given me a second chance. I hope you think of me from time to time. I hope you miss me from time to time.

1100. You think you understand me, but you never have. I hate that you have control over everything I do. I hate that I hear your voice in my head. I hate that I’m becoming like you.

0010. Fuck you, bitch. Your manipulative fucking ass makes me sick. I think you are a fucking ho. You’re so fucking dirty. One day, I’m going to punch that bitch ass look you always have on your face. I’ll give you a black eye to match the other one you have. Dirty fucking slut.

1010. This second fuck you goes out to you, bitch. You are also a dirty ho. You think you’re so fucking hot. You’re just a chinky ass fat ho with big tits. I think it’s sad that if you lost about 50 pounds you would be about the same size as me. You joints fucking look like sausage joints. No wonder everyone calls you sausage girl behind your back.

0110. You make me laugh. It turned me on the other day when I touched your stomach. Then I felt like a dirty old man.

1110. You are fun to be with. I want to get to know you better.

0001. We’re wandering into dangerous territory. I’m wounded and I don’t know whether or not you’re an healing ointment or simply a numbing one that will fade away and leave things the way they were. Sometimes when I look at you, my heart smiles… and then it aches from the movement.

1001. You’re hot. Too bad you seem like you would be STD infested.

0101. I’ve always thought it would be cool to be a close friend of yours. I don’t think that I can ever be, though, because our ideals are too different. I’ve always looked up to you. You’re one of the wittiest people I know.

1101. If I had a penis, I’d jizz all over your face. Just because I think it’d be funny.

0011. I’ve never treated you nicely because I think deep down you’re a bad person.. and I can’t shake that feeling.

1011. If there was a person whose mind I could read, I would try to read yours. You rarely speak, but when you do, some real gems come out. I’d like to hear the rest.

0111. You smell bad. I don’t like sitting next to you.

1111. I think you’re a fucking moron. Sometimes, just looking at you makes me angry.

:) My apologies. I’m a fairly negative person.


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