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weird feelings

all day today [well, yesterday, i suppose it is now…] i’ve been getting this weird feeling in my tummy. it’s that anxious feeling — you know, the butterflies you get in your stomach when something big is about to go down. the weird thing is — absolutely nothing is about to go down. why do i feel this way? what am i anxious about? i don’t know.

at three different points in the day today the feeling came so strongly that i could barely move. the first, while i was doing my compsci hw… second, when i was sitting on the couch at dave’s appt… and then just now in the car.

where is this feeling coming from? WHERE GODFUCKING DAMNIT, WHERE?!

i don’t really get the feeling of dread, nor do i get the happy excitement that something good is going to happen. it’s just this weird butterfly-in-stomach anxiety deal. maybe it’s the beginning of an ulcer. :P it’s not actually in my stomach, though… it’s not so much as something physical, but a feeling… that like… penetrates my whole body. it’s so hard to explain. i even break out into a cold sweat just thinking about it. so weird!!

James said,

October 25, 2001 @ 4:50 pm

Whats up with this? Haha.

Nick log?

kim said,

October 25, 2001 @ 11:20 pm

Actually– haha i used to have a hostee named nick. =D totally unrelated to the other nick.

shozo said,

October 26, 2001 @ 1:20 am

its not an ulcer, i have an ulcers… and it dont feel like butterflies in the stomach.


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